About us

We would like to introduce ourselves, and explain our mission.

Our mission is called Shofar and we are located in Hungary. Hungary is sited in Central Europe, her capital is Budapest.

We are the only Messianic Jewish community of this region believing in Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ).

Our community’s practice has two courses:


We take part in moderate evangelizing work, to help Jewish people to find and understand their identity; with our testimony and lives, we help the Jewish people to recognize: Yeshua as their Jewish Messiah.

In our teaching we stand aside from all approaches that damage the identity of Jews, or introduce meaningless Jewish customs, and celebrations for non-Jewish people, giving them a false Jewish identity.

We proclaim everywhere, the Torah, the Living Word: Yeshua HaMashiach, have to be the center of congregations. We believe that the Chosen People, accepting HaShem (the Eternal) have to recognize Yeshua as their Jewish Messiah and the King of Kings, Lord of Lords in the proper time defined by God.

We state for the people of other nations, they must be grafted into the root of the Olive Tree. (Romans 11,17).

Nearly 200,000 Jews live in Hungary and our Lord has opened their doors and hearts toward us, though they know our beliefs is different from theirs. Our ministry has a task to raise the Flag (Nissi – Ex17:15) and fight against the spirit of Babylon, Edom and Amalek, what is a worship of idols, Humanism, New Age ideas, and the will of the flesh (1Pt 2,11).


We believe our ministry has to fulfill spiritual, mental and physical needs. Thus a Charity Foundation is a part of our congregational life, which aims to reach the poor, primarily amongst Jewry. God opens new doors, and we have reached out for the Jewry of Transylvania (in Romania), Ukraine, Serbia, and Croatia. During this charity work we lead Jews, one by one, to the truth of their identity and to God. We believe in the ordained time our Lord, Yeshua HaMashiach will also be revealed to them. Moreover, our intention is to teach them to seek and understand God’s plan and purpose, and help them with their homecoming to their God given Land, their heritage, Israel.

Our burdens are growing in all three levels mentioned above, because Satan attacks us from every corner, he wants us to fail;

Our congregation and ministry need more help, brothers and sisters, prayers, and if it could be financial aid as well. We need all the help, because more and more false teaching-groups are forming with Jewish and Christian/ Messianic titles to confuse the people, who are seeking for God.

If the Ruach Hakadosh, the Holy Spirit leads you, we appreciate your brethren love and help in our need.
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SHOFAR Messianic Jewish Community Believing in Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ)


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