The 613 Laws
The 613 Laws today

Yaakov, Béla Orbán

In the past, the Pharisees and the scribes searched and tried to classify the Laws contained in the Torah (5 books of Moses) step by step, sentence by sentence. They did so because they wanted to know the Will of God. They did that through centuries because since Babylon, Ruah HaKodesh (the Holy Spirit) did not speak to them anymore through the prophets.  

This effort came from a good will since they did not changed anything in the Word written in the Torah. They did not add anything nor take away from it. They did not change the smaller letter of it.   
So the classification of 613 Laws was born, the complete summary of the whole Torah. They thus ended that Moses received

365 Laws to be executed (micvot asse) and
248 Laws of interdiction (micvot taasse lo) 

on Mount Sinai for all the humanity. 

Although they did not add or remove anything from it, nevertheless, these two numbers indicates their will of knowing and discovering God’s Will and secrets, since they gave a very precise symbolic content and signification to these two numbers.   

The early scribes discovered and counted 248 organs in the human body... 
At their time, such as now, the year had already 365 days... 

Since this suite of number does not violate any laws – this means that they do not distort or deteriorate the Laws of God – we are also going to use these numbers when talking about the actual signification of the 613 Laws and their validity until today. 

We must discover them again since many superfluous laws have been added to the right ones through the Rabbinical Judaism, thus veiling the originals. We must discover them again since Christendom has buried a lot of them declaring them useless, out of order and outmoded.   

Thus it would be possible to unveil that many laws are just serving human interests and wills and are no other like forgeries in the name of the Bible serving to maintain, reinforce and extend the power and the fortune of human religious churches for many thousands of years.


Translated from hungarian by Richard (Zeev Shlomo)

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