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Yaakov, Béla Orbán

Before writing anything concerning the tithes, let’s first see the original order of this law:  

Maaser - "tithes": a type of tax 

1./ Maser RISHON- first tithes 

The tithes from the harvest and the cattle that the sons of Israel had to offer to the Levites for their ministry in the Sanctuary after having given the T’Rouma 

2./ Maaser min hamaser -" the tithes of the tithes" 

It was what the Levites gave to the Cohenites (high priests) from the Maser RISHON 
That was what they called the « little offering » (T’Ruma Katana).  
(The T’Ruma Gadola that the sons of Israel offered went immediately in the hands of the Cohenites.) 

3./ maaser sheni- second tithes

After having given the tithes to the Levites, the People had to put another tithes apart to consume it in Jerusalem.   
They must do it the first, the second, the fourth and the fifth year following the year of Sh’Mita (sabbatical).

During the third and the sixth year, they had to retire from the maaser sheni what we call the…

maaser ani (the poor-maaser) that was given to the Levites, the orphans and the widows… 

How does all this function today? 

In many cases, the present assemblies consider themselves as being « Jerusalems ».  
Although the present « Jerusalem » is the invisible Body of Christ… 
The present High Priest (The High Cohen) is no other than Yeshua HaMashiach.

This way, it is the Holly Spirit who says to us where we should put our tithess, offerings and donations.  
Thus the tithes is not the «income» of the assembly or of any other individual or of any common fond.

In the case of Paul, it was not question of a pre-established salary either. The same way today, the tithes, the donation or the offering should never serve the personal needs or the aims of any servants of God.  
However, if God invites us to do so, it is possible to make precise donations to individuals and assemblies, but this has to be done with the aim of helping their ministry.
To assist all things that help the person doing his ministry, the necessary conditions in his functioning  in God’s Project.   

However these amounts of money in the Body of Christ should never serve any personal interest or desire.   

Despite that, if somebody would spend this money arbitrarily following his own desires his ministry would soon be taken away or turn into a very different direction.   
This is the way that spiritual becomes psychical, when soul substitutes itself to the spirit and when God’s servants start to build up themselves or their own existence or any other earthly structure instead of building the Body of Christ.  
This person together with its building then fall down very quickly to finally disappear without leaving any trace.   
Then it is very dangerous to play with the money and the material goods of God and of the Body of Christ, to take off anything unfairly from it for our own interest. 

God’s servant must no just teach the faith but also has to give a living testimony of it to the outside world by the example of his own life, which is solely governed by this faith.   
Then the freedom of not depending from money anymore in our ministry becomes a real happiness ... and we do not just simply experience this thoughtful love of God that provides us everything, but we also show it to the whole world.

The question of the tithes is always topical. If someone feels the need of it, he will ask about it, and we must answer in accordance with God’s Order.   
But why does the question of the tithes or any other donations or offerings is one of the most important for the Christians in the present assemblies?

Here in Hungary:

- Hungarian Christianity prefers begging for money rather than to assume the responsibility of providing for its own needs. 
- the supports coming from abroad is getting rarer and thinner each day creating an atmosphere of panic. 
- the foreign donators do not see any fruit resulting of their former offerings, so they stop sending any help. 
- in most of the cases, the amounts of money were used for the interests of individuals or assemblies. So God stops the waste after a certain time.   

The list is far to be exhaustive but I think that is it more urgent to unveil the root of the problem, the reason why there is no blessing on the use of money today?   
The withdrawal of spiritual blessings by the Will of God is each time the consequence of the functioning of a foreign spirit.  

I would quote from the writings of a big teacher of the Gospel which is very in fashion these days and appreciated by many people:  

« I would like to resume the Old Testament’s teaching because we can learn a lot from these basic principles, although we are not tied by Law anymore..

Many times, the New Testament uses principles coming from the Old Testament but in a New Testament way. »
(Alan Vincent: Finances in God’s Kingdom II.) 

The rejection, the arbitrary utilization or the falsification of the Law of the tithes – together with many other immutable and eternal Laws -  by pretending to have an apostolic or prophetic ministry has as a consequence that everything that belongs to God falls into the hands of men through swindle. By falsifying God’s and Christ’s Spirit, the false authorities are practicing their spiritual rule on faithful that are turned away from the Laws and maintained in a state of spiritual infantilism and ignorance despite of being from a goodwill!

These present dishonest « apostles » and mostly « prophets » are easily recognizable when following their apparition; they soon try to put their hands on the material goods of the believers.   
For this aim, they use false charismatic mystification.   
If force and power are not enough, they use the false authority to rule and to explain their rights and power over money.  

It is only possible to talk about tithes if we accept the continuity of the Law. In other words, if we consider and accept the Old and the New Testaments built one over the other in an immutable and eternal UNITY.  

As long as the Revealed Laws of God are not in their legitimate place in our lives, we stay under the rule of foreign laws and of the « kings » who they are coming from.  

This is the unavoidable consequence of lying. 


Translated from hungarian by Richard (Zeev Shlomo)

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