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Abortion or Murder ?

Family planning, contraception, masturbation and extra conjugal sexual life…

Yaakov, Béla Orbán

The word abortion means in English: voluntary termination of pregnancy.
Is this the right expression?
No way, since formerly, pregnancy together with the offspring was considered as blessing.

The changes of the signification of the words and the expressions well reflect the path of selfishness, self-centeredness and self-divinization that today’s human are taking.
For contemporary men, the wait of a new life is no longer seen as being a blessing but rather some as being some kind of burden.
Then it is not surprising that these changes also bring contemporary men to assume the right to accept or deny life.
In this renewed selfishness and egocentricity, men quickly have recourse to the lethal weapon of family planning: the abortion.
Is the abortion really a voluntary termination of pregnancy?

I think that it would be high time to name things as they are:  
Interrupting or terminating a life is undoubtedly murder in the first degree!
Termination of God’s blessing is without any doubt the starting of curse and the person doing that makes him become a curse himself.
God himself curses such people by not allowing them get close to Him or by excluding any possibility of having any relation with Him because of sin and rebelliousness.
The disrespect of the Law of God, in any place and at any time, does lead to this curse when the gap between God and people gets bigger each day.
This curse lasts and acts until the recognition of Law, the sense of guilt, the act of repentance together with the confession of sins does not happen in the life of the sinner.   
In a word, as long as by the demanded and accepted Grace, the sinner would be allowed to come back to God again.

It is necessary to know the law which relates to this phenomenon with a view to avoid curse, to be delivered from it and to settle this way our relationship with God.
So, let us see what the Jewish interpretation of the Law is, and what the laws of the Halakhah concerning the problem are.

Family Planning and Regulation of Birth

As we know it, Life is the biggest value in the world for Jewish People. The Law that was given to all men: « Be fruitful and multiply » is not only respected by Jews but is also seen as being a blessing, since the fruit – the new life given by God to the parents who respect this Law as being a blessing, the child confided for a certain time to his parents – could also transmit the Law of God learned at home and also be blessed at his adult age by welcoming a new life among his people at his turn.

No member of the People of God would never refuse or obstruct God’s blessings. For this reason, any Family Planning or Regulation of Birth is useless for all those who really believe in God.  
A very important role is also played by the fact that, except from very rare and exceptional cases, Jews do not conceive life without wife or husband.  
For them, the hedonism of celibacy and the chastity of monastic life are all different forms of selfishness through which the sinners are expecting some extra-award in return for their « sacrifice ». This « sacrifice » although results from a deep selfishness aiming at obtaining remuneration for this so-called good behavior.  
Nobody has the right of replacing or sacrificing the blessing of conception given to almost every men by pure interest, selfishness and egocentricity…

There is neither place for chosen loneliness nor for voluntary celibacy. Because nothing and nobody will never be able to replace the individuals who slip away from their role of fathers and mothers and fulfill these roles at their place.
The boyfriend, the girlfriend, the cohabitant together with all forms of light intimate and illegitimate affairs are all varied forms of relationship in which the triple spiritual, psychical and physical union wanted by God is not realized.  
It is also inconceivable to have a « spiritual wife » besides the official one.  
In this case, it is a matter of a proud and stubborn lie which is absolutely outlawed!
God only blesses marriages in this triple unity between man and woman and in the center of which He wants to stand, so that He can rule, protect, preserve and bless it in all things.  
Good psychical and physical, or even spiritual relationship maintained between two people does not involve that there is any marriage, such as no « harmonious » relationship in which only the unity of flesh and soul is fulfilled is not a marriage either. If one of these three elements is missing, we cannot talk about any relationship according to God.  

But in these cases, we can talk about some divine permission, or about a relationship which is going to be marriage according to the Will of God at the very moment of the bearing again of both parties.

Such as in the case of refusing to give birth to a child, the will of having one can also not come from a human interest.
We can find the proofs and the testimonies of the blessings resulting from the respect and the love of Life through many stories.
Let us have these few examples before the eyes:
Because the midwives disobeyed to the order of the Pharaoh and saved the infants.  

« That was the reason why they came out from the Egyptian Diaspora ».  (Zohar, Shmot !/Kabbalah)

« Even if you have respected and accomplished the commandment of ...be fruitful and multiply…, you must not stop doing so as long as you can. Because if you give a life to Israel it is as if you had built a whole world ».  (Maimonides, Iseut 15:16)

I think that beyond accepting the Law of God, it would be necessary for each one of us to respect this previous quotation.  
I also think that if two people were already consecrated according to the Will of God, and if the spouses were given to each other by God – or in other cases, when by the will of God it is only later that the spiritual unity will settle and be fulfilled under the power of the Messiah – it is not necessary to make any family planning and they do not have the right to decide of the moment and of the number of children that God wants to give them.
God takes care of people who love each other so that they should have the needed physical attraction, He also gives the right moment and the means so that they should completely unify and be able to receive a new life.  
From that moment, physical and psychical attraction passes through the limits of the simple loving affair. In God’s presence, the sexual act can blossom and become an offering upon His altar.
The moment of the blessing comes when this offering is accepted and given back as a new life. A life offered by God for God.
The moment, the number and the reason of these gifts are always independent of our will, since blessing and gifts are neither owed nor computable or consequences that can be predicted by humans.

Man living and walking in faith is always able and ready to receive blessing by all his being in all his purity praising and worshiping God when he receives any gift from Him.
He is not never gets weaken in his faith such as the men of the world or the religious of little faith, since he knows and believes that God does never offer things that are weights, burdens or curses.  
God’s blessings are always perfect and good for men, mostly when it is a new creation.
He is also sure that no obstacle is allowed to avoid this gift to fulfill the will and the project of God. He does not simply know that he will be able to bring up his children, but also that he just have to ask God for the necessary conditions and he will receive them.
And God will provide in everything because conceiving is part of His Project. He does sanctify and prepare this moment, while the parents are praising, praying and worshiping God in their hearts…
This is the only way that a blessing is really a blessing, when we ask and wait for the blessing of God while praising Him and by giving back the gift in His hands as soon as we receive it. This is the way how God provides, looks after, strengthens, protects and feeds this gift in its growth.
There is neither « late child » nor « old parents » nor « disadvantaged social situation » nor any reason to worry about or to be afraid of.  

But there are proud, pretentious and selfish people filled with fears who do not or partly accept the power of the Messiah and who are unable or not yet prepared to receive blessings from God.
This way any family planning or regulation of birth is obviously the consequence of the lack of faith or selfishness.
This is the characteristic of the cohabitation of flesh and soul, but is also the proof that the spiritual union in God through the Messiah is at most partial, or even unexisting. These situations can breed and maintain curse.

When the murder of the embryo, the abortion is authorized?

We must know that abortion does not interrupt something but kill somebody.
No matter the form and the moment when it happens, it is a matter of murder.
For this reason, all laws concerning murders and murderers applies the same way to the mother as to those who help in the abortion, but also to the child, the embryo!
On this basis, we can assert that abortion is permitted in very few cases.  
When the mother has difficulties to give birth to her child and when her life is in danger. In this case the embryo falls into the same category and judgment as the killer hunting his victim.
In this case, self-defense, the killing of the killer is permitted and legal.  
The Mishnah (Oholot 7:6) determines very specifically what to do in such cases in order to save the life of women who labor with pain and difficulties.

The life of the mother is always prevailing.
This is the legal position which is also the one quoted and defended by Rashi in Sanhedrin 72a together with the collection of Jewish laws, the Shul’han Aruts (The Laid Table)… (Hoshen Mishpat 425:2).
This legal situation reverses as soon as the baby passes his head outside the body of his mother. He cannot be killed from that moment…
Thanks to the medical progress of our days; we suppose that this kind of incident happens very rarely.
This law is already acceptable.  
The mother who survived a hard delivery is still able to give life later. But her death would have been an irreplaceable loss for her husband and for her yet born children.
In this case, it is really a matter of protecting and safeguarding of the marriage, the family and the yet living children against a little « killer ».

Although there are more killers than that…:
All those who participate to an abortion.
We must know that the laws known and accepted by the Jews concerning the abortion are still valid today, because they are all based on the Torah and on the practicing of God’s Will.

We must know then:
Abortion is not authorized if it is done because of any financial or material situation or for the simple comfort.  
No excuse given by the world and its laws is acceptable for us as members of the People of God…
If it still happens, the judgment before God is the same as for any other murder.  
Laws concerning murder and killers are applicable for all those because of whom anyone does a miscarriage.
Involuntary murders do also have their consequences such as the premeditated ones do. (Exodus 21:22).


We should not think that murder starts with the killing of the embryo!
It happens much sooner and much often than we think.  
It would be enough just to remember the case of Onan to understand this.
On the contrary of the false ideas received about Onan, he did not die because of the masturbation, but because of his disobedience!
He received the order of conceiving a blessing, a life according to the will of God.
The judgment he received was the consequence of his disobedience.
It is the same today…
When a marriage dies, when the spiritual dimension of the relationship disappears and when the psychic relation stops between people, the flesh also falls ill and wastes away faster…
Marriages and children…
When people refuse to accept blessings from God, they fall into disobedience as a consequence of which, curse leads them to partial or entire death.
The seed of the man did not get upon the altar as an offering and the body of the woman did not function as an altar…

Nevertheless, they have made lots of offerings upon the altar of the pagan gods of love. They had also a certain carnal pleasure or even a psychic one…
In other cases it was the masturbation that sowed the seeds on the floor by pure selfishness and narcissism, a self-rewarding act avoiding the Will of God to be accomplished…
Because if there is an altar and if there is a marriage, none of these things can happen!
But all those who reject marriage and do not assume the wonderful offering of the complete physical, psychical and spiritual union with another person get on making offerings upon alien altars, even if it is done by unconsciousness.
They exclude and loose the possibility of giving life…

They are not killers, but they are acting against life and are the partners of death.
Here, we are talking about the selfishness of the masturbating singles or of the couples living their sexuality but fearing and hating life.
They are all Onans whose way of life acts against Life…
They are the same as their infanticide aborting fellows.  
The only difference would be that they are doing it alone?
The irresponsible and extra conjugal sexual relationships are always the sins of two people.  
It is the same with all human cohabitations called marriages where masturbation, unfaithfulness and adultery become very quickly consequences experienced each day.
The origin of the problem goes back to the parents and is present through all social classes. They are the ones who did not raise their children and forgot to teach them the knowledge of the Laws.
The lack of models to be followed, the ignorance of the role and the identity of man and woman, the non-existence of the family and the community order are all leading to the presumed sexual liberty.

« The one who kills an offspring inside his wife is like the one who destroys the building of the Eternal »  (Zohar, Shmot)

I would also add to these words that rise against abortion that:
The one who is unable to offer his seed with the aim of conceiving upon the altar is like the one who kills life inside the Eternal’s Temple and cancels the functioning of the altar.

He destroys and corrupts the blessings. He is a criminal and a friend of death.

Someone living under the power of the Messiah can carry such a spirit inside him?
A new-born person can have any community with the killer or the one who denies and avoids Life?
There is only one possible answer to this question:
Never. Because otherwise, it would be a matter of an unfaithful relationship or the case of the unequally yoked relation.
This is the marriage between two unruly person based on the selfishness of one or both of them.   
The main duty and aim is to settle marriages before God when these are founded on the pillars of flesh and soul so that they finally become based on the spiritual unity.
When the life of both parties is renewed and bear again and they receive the forgiveness for all the old, the denial of life, the crimes committed against the embryos together with all their consequences.
When someone accepts murder as a believer, he becomes accomplice of the murder.  
When we see that someone has committed a crime, we have to answer the following questions:
The one who committed that sin or who let it be committed, is a believer or a simple religious?
… I think that from the very moment of procreation, the fight against Life starts immediately, or even worse, this attack anticipates this moment with the weapons of the prevention, through the defense against life…
Although, all those who really live under the Messiah’s power are unable to stumble over this temptation, over this proof of faith!
The one who still falls has never really been under the Messiah’s power and has never been member of the People of Yeshua HaMashiach!
He lied or stopped at the conversion and never went further. Then he committed a terrible sin in his incredulity:
He is a killer or, even worse, the accomplice of murder.
Judgment is different for an unbeliever, for a religious one and for someone who has born again:
UnconsciousnessFall into SinRebellious Disobedience. These are the different states of those who become killers.

The Laws of the Old Testament concerning murderers are still valid today.
But now, we have the opportunity to ask for Grace and to receive it…
To Repent, to Settle our Sins and to Bear Again

And then, to have the possibility to live a marriage which is able to welcome and give life in the triple unity between the wife, the husband and God…



Translated from hungarian by Richard (Zeev Shlomo)

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