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Child as an idol  

Yaakov, Béla Orbán

What are the reasons why a child becomes the main center of interest of its parents?

Before drawing the list of the answers, we first have to mention some basic facts concerning this problem.

When a child is an idol, it is either the mother or the father who is not in his right place.  
This way a girl can endorse a woman’s responsibilities that of course delight her father who start to « worship » his daughter. In other cases mothers can also see their sons as the men of their dreams, since husbands do not give any sensation of security anymore.   

Such children will never become autonomous and independent and will never be sane because they will always go on searching for a father or a mother in the other person instead of a spouse.

In both cases, we are talking of the projection of someone’s own desires on the other which is a strong mistake.  

The losses resulting from that are also very huge:
- the child is ill-mannered and antisocial, then rejected by the others.  
So he/she returns to his mother or her father even as an adult.  
- in his false status, the child becomes the partisan of one parent and conspires against the other in order to defend his « rights ».  
He will remain that kind of go-getter as an adult as a consequence of this bad « childhood training ».
- The idolized children can easily destroy the marriage of their parents but they are at least an eternal source of disorder.  
- Since children enjoy their role of little kings, it is mainly the life of their brothers and sisters that is poisoned.  
In such cases, parents are those who commit a huge sin by favoring one of their children.  
- A child like this will never become independent and will just be wild, rude, go-getter and stubborn having no respect for the others and always trying to rule over the rest of the world. They often even go until blackmailing people to reach their goals.   

These are the reasons why we have the responsibility of teaching the Order and the Laws of God before this jezebelian sin would spread, damage and wound people.

This order has mainly to be taught to the children themselves since they parents are generally not willing to give an account of their selfish idolatry.
We have to find all the possible ways and tools to form and teach these children in love in order to remove all the ill-growths that have spread in them. This ministry has to be done mainly for the own sake of these children!
Translated from hungarian by Richard (Zeev Shlomo)

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