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Divorcing or sending away?
Yaakov, Béla Orbán

We already find these expressions in the Old Testament. Moreover, we have to recognize through a deeper examination of the Scriptures that divorcing and sending away someone are very distinct notions although their consequences are exactly the same: 
Two people will not go on their way together and will never be one flesh again.   

What does happen is such case? 
The possibility stops for two people to become one and to see their marriage being realized.

Marriage stands on tree main pillars : 
1./ They shall leave…  
2./ They shall cleave… (to each other and to God) 
3./ They shall be one flesh…

The non-fulfillment of one or more element of these is against the Law and the Will of God through many aspects. 
As long as these three basic factors are not realized in a couple’s life, the marriage will only remain to them a possibility or a promise from God until the grace period and the divine patience will come to its end.  

When any member of a couple withdraws any of these tree basic elements: 
- he/she goes back 
- other things are more important for him/her 
- he/she never became one flesh with the other... 
He/she commits the sin of adultary. 

If this triple demand is not realized, the marriage is uncomplete! 

In such cases when the situation cannot be changed, God himself can decide to untie the innocent member from the other in order to go on in his/her spiritual growth.  
Sooner or later, God judges the one who blocks out the realization of the marriage.  
It is even necessary for this to happen. But we should never judge the other and respect his/her own decision and free will. We can never tear anyone out by force from the circle that is more important to him/her than his/her potential spouse. 

Sending away someone is particularly needed and compulsory so that the innocent part could fulfill its calling.   
This is the reason why God gives to all of us a SPOUSE who has left his/her parents and past, who cleaves to us, and who becomes one with us in flesh, soul and spirit in order to be able to fulfill together the Project of God
The expelling does naturally not concern weddings that are working well.  

(All that is written above concerning the marriage does also apply to any relation between people. The same things are valid within an assembly or a community and even among the Body of Christ in general.)
Translated from hungarian by Richard (Zeev Shlomo)

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