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The unfaithful dogs
Yaakov, Béla Orbán

“His watchmen are blind: they are all ignorant, they are all dumb dogs, they cannot bark; sleeping, lying down, loving to slumber. (King James version: Isa. 56,11)

And the dogs are greedy; they do not know satiation. These are the sheperds who cannot understand; they have all gone off on their own ways, each from his own corner, for his own dishonest gain (Isaiah 56:11, Tanach, The Stone Edition) 

The prophecies stopped for some time when the continuity, the chain of prophetic succession broke. Haggai (Chaggai, ab. 520 B.C:) returned with Zerubbabel from the Exile, and after Zechariah and Malachi (ab. 450-400 B.C:) the prophets were silent for about four hundred years.

"A Heavenly Voice (bat kol) says: there shall be among you somebody who shall be worthy of receiving the Holy Spirit (Ruach Ha-Kodesh), although the whole People are unworthy of receiving Him..." (Tosefta Sota,13,4)

When Hillel said these words to his disciples which perhaps he himself didn’t know, or he knew them but could not understand, that after four hundred years of silence Somebody would come to His People, to the Chosen People, who will be The Heavenly Voice: He will be filled with the Holy Spirit of God. He wouldn’t only be the Prophet of the Jewish people but also of all Mankind. 

Nowadays either we put the prophets to silence or they keep silent. There is silence again but soon the voice of this Prophet, the Anointed Messiah King will be heard again, and once more every person will not see but hear about God’s plan, about His Salvation Plan for this world.

But the “Heavenly Voice” is nobody elselike the Holy Spirit and the spiritual gifts which work again through the Holy Spirit in the Body of Christ: the spiritual gifts of prophetic vision and the gifts of leading.

Even when Yeshua was born and during the time that the prophets were silent, the Jewish people did not forsake their God. They wanted to lead a pleasant, a godly life before Him, and as a consequence the pharisian controversies concerning the Law, the literal interpretation of the Sciptures (Talmud – The Oral Law), the observance of the rites and ceremonies (Midrash and Aggadot) became prominent together with mysticism which rose to the level of occult sciences (gematria and numerology). Among all these, the kabbala (traditional mystical system) stands out particularly. This occult science was used by ”those who possess the secret doctrines”. The kabbala, which is still in use today, was developed under the influence of the rise of some philosophies: the Hindu/Persian, neo-platonic, neo-pythagorean and other philosophies.

The Mishna is also the result of searching for a life that pleases God. It is nothing else like a compilation of all those law orders mentioned above.

This list and the evolution of the Jewish religious life from the spiritual level to the psychic level only interests us insofar as to better understand the religious background of the times when Yeshua and His first followers lived. And also because during this time there were a number of different pharisaic branches of Judaism. It is also important to understand that contemporary Judaism is also governed by human doctrines and beliefs instead of the prophetic vision and the Holy Spirit.

From a Christian point of view, these changes of the Judaic religion cannot be considered as a typical way of the Chosen People. 

We can also find today the Christian pharisees, the Christian ”Talmuds” which emerged through the writings of the famous theologians, and they alone could fill whole libraries. Christian traditions and the respect for them often lead to pure idolatry. Myriads of Christian assemblies are searching for secrets as cabalists do and try to explain them with the help of numerology.

Even today we can find in the pagan-Christian church worldwide that they built their foundation on elements imported from the Hindu-Persian mysticism, Greco-roman philosophy, and other philosophies and sciences which derive their origin from other pagan religions.

The Holy Spirit came into this chaos, and also comes into the middle of this Judeo-Christian chaos through Yeshua HaMashiach according to the fulfillment of the promised prophecies.

Rav Saul (The apostle Paul) was sent with the aim of reestablishing this divine order. In our days again it is God who restores the apostolic work so that the People of God and the Body of Christ are put back into their original place. The apostolic mission cannot work without prophetic vision, but the presence of both is needed so that the pastor’s ministry functions well. The restoration of the apostolic and prophetic ministry is the beginning of the fulfillment of the prophecy of grafting and grafting back into the good olive tree.

The actual situation could be characterized with the words of Isaiah which are also the words of jugdement of the Eternal God. Our Lord reminds us today again about the reason why we are in the same situation in which Israel was in those days !

His watchmen are blind

Israel always considered the prophets as watchmen and guards. They were the ones who always received the vision. They were the intermediaries between God and His People. According to their calling, they transmitted the will and the intentions of the Lord since they were the ones who were in close contact with God.

It was through the mouth of those prophets that God revealed His Words to the People and they passed them on without any change, in the same way as a postman hands over an intact letter to the addressee.

And because they heard God’s Word first, they knew the direction they had to take. They knew God, His Law and His Word - and had the vision only afterwards. Their mission combined these two things when they were allowed to reveal what they had heard.

In addition to this prophetic activity, a pastoral work was also fulfilled. The prophets led the People according to God’s will, independently from the monarch who reigned at the same time.

This proves that the action and the leading of the Holy Spirit are inseparable from the reign of King Yeshua. We can see that the Spirit of God and the Spirit of Christ exist at the same time, and are always present in one Spirit in the Body of Christ, among the People of God.

During the time of Isaiah this changed, and the same situation can be observed among Christians today. 

We both have become blind because of our desires and disobedience.

The reasons are as follows:

Yea, they are greedy dogs which can never have enough, and they are shepherds that cannot understand: they all look to their own way, every one for his gain, from his quarter. (Isa. 56,11)

And the dogs are greedy; they do not know satiation. These are the shepherds who cannot understand; they have all gone off on their own ways, each from his own corner, for his own dishonest gain (Isa. 56:11, Tanach, The Stone Edition)

If we read both translations, they give us the reason why all the beasts of the field and woods (v. 9) attacked the assemblies, communities and the People of God who were left with no protection! Why are we fewer people, struck and wounded? I think these questions need not be answered in particular. 

The Ishmaelite aspirations to succes and power, the Edomite and Amalekite impotence which make  the watchmen and guards blind and weaken them. Success, power, money and immorality are very powerful desires, which gnaw at Christianity.

Today there are a lot of religious movements, assemblies, pastors and even believers who follow their own ways and desires. They are searching for those places where - to their own advantage - they can satisfy their spiritual experience and hunger for material gain.

Recognition, material possessions, glory. One must hurry to “the pots of meat”. We are really living in a dog’s world !

Many people abandon their posts as watchmen; and while they build their own lives, their own assemblies and projects they forget the Word of God, His will and the calling they received from Him.

They build churches, assemblies and many other things.

They place their existential worries and financial situation above more important things.

These pastors do not watch anymore over the people that are entrusted to them. These pastors became like dogs gasping after flesh and bones to the detriment of the flock.

Probably they cannot hear any more because they slurp and smack while eating. They don’t want to hear about the prophecies but snarl to defend their mouthfuls with stern determination.

In the meantime the flocks are scattered and the weakest lambs are devoured by the beasts of the fields and woods !

Satan is even more crafty than this! He does not devour the entire lost flock one by one, but sends shepherds among them, pastors and dogs who come from him to gather the lost and weak flock to submit them to his power.

Because his watchmen…

Some of our ancestors did not return from Babylon because they lived well there. They became bankers, treasurers, civil servants and political leaders of the Empire. But God removed from them the prophetic vision and leading, He withdrew His Holy Spirit from the People and the prophets did not prophesy for more than four hundred years. The People were “only” disobedient to God…

Satan knew very well even at that time already that he should attack especially the cream of the People, and that he had to deceive the worthier ones, those who received more talents!

They tried to merge their psychic aspirations instead and against the Will of God. And at this point rabbinic Judaism was born with the above-mentioned by-products. In the way that pharisaism changed, also the Christian pharisaism moved from the spiritual to the psychic level. The Christian became a person following the Scriptures in a literal sense, pious, religious.....

The Holy Spirit of God didn’t speak until all the Jews gathered in Jerusalem to wait for the fulfillment of the prophecy which Joel received.

Because God’s promises was not only for some of the Jewish People but for all of them!

This also applies today! Until the Christians go to Jerusalem to wait for the fulfillment of the known and accepted prophecies. And until then God will remain silent.

The condition for the mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit in our days is again the “ingathering of His people....”.

Without knowing the Hebrew language and the Jewish mentality, it is often hard to understand some things. In Isaiah 56, we find the typical example which shows us the necessity of knowing these things.

•          Prophets are dogs guarding and taking care of the flock.

•          The gift of prophecy is inseparable from the gift of the pastor.

•          The shepherd must have a prophetic vision and is responsible for tending his flock !

To sustain these statements let’s go back to the original definition of a prophet :

The word prophet (nabi, plural: nebi) when it stands in the form of hitpael means to be in ecstasy, to fall into trance., but when it stands in the form of nifal, it means to announce, to appeal.

In the quoted passage of Isaiah 56 where the prophecy talks about dogs, it correlates to the fact that etymologically the word prophet (nabi) comes from the word nabach which means barking !

So the prophet is the man of the Word of God. The word Word (dabar) in the form of piel (dibber) means that the words must be uttered in sequence one after the other.

So the powerful message received by the Spirit of God (bat kol=Heavenly Voice), which breaks forth with might, must be repeated word by word by the one who received it!

Besides the knowledge of the message, the prophet is responsible for his flock, for his People, a sheepdog watching his flock.

The task of the prophet and the pastor is to announce by ”barking” in a loud voice the message of God in the order in which he received it.

Whosoever has a prophetic vision and a pastoral gift has to watch out for any alien beasts - spirits - that hide in the grass and looking out for lambs which they can steel. They have to make their voice heard, have to snarl, have to fight the aggressors, and if needed have to defend the lambs and hunt the enemy !

This biblical prophecy wasn’t only valid at the times of Isaiah.

Today the well-fed dogs (pastors assigned to lead flocks) lie down, fall asleep in their laziness, and are day-dreaming in their arrogant complacency.

And the passage to the flock is unguarded for the lurking predators.

Dogs are well fed and search for the next fat delicacies. They seek for new successful ways which will move them even farther away from their flocks they leave without protection. 

The calling of the prophets consisted in announcing God’s Will, Plan and Law to the People.  The mission of the prophets today is to do the same and not to announce their missionary activities, their personal plans of establishing an assembly, or other personal goals.

Prophets have to be awake since spiritual laziness can be mortal!

It is high time to have new ones who possess the gifts of prophecy and ministering. It is also high time  the shepherds had prophetic vision again!

Even more important should be that the sleeping, well-fed, egotistical, success-loving pastors repent and that they lead again by having prophetic vision, and protect the flock that had been entrusted to them – the lambs which belong to the Lord alone.

Therefore we need dogs !

We need barking dogs, that warn, call to fight…


My dear friend !

People wanted to silence me so often by throwing fleshy bones to make me asleep and defuse me. They even tried to keep me on a leash. 

(Not too long ago, they even accused me to be rabid by accusing me to reveal false prophecies, and to be a biting dog. Poor enraged dogs…)

However I would like to continue barking. And I will bark as long as God will permit it, until it will be useful to the flocks which have become without protection. 

I would like to continue to serve as an instrument so that there will again be prophetic vision and leading in the Body of Christ.

Well, I am a dog to whom God entrusted His Word, His plan and who received the duty of guarding and driving.  

I am a dog without a flock but The Shepherd has entrusted me with some lambs and I will always bark !

As a faithful helper of the Good Shepherd.  

Shalom !



Translated from hungarian by Richard (Zeev Shlomo)

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