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Yaakov, Béla Orbán


One of the main problems of our age is drug addiction. This is a wide-spread phenomenon with all its harmful consequences on the individuals and the society.  

No believer can remain silent in front of this problem: 
"...thou shalt in any wise rebuke thy neighbour, and not suffer sin upon him" (Leviticus 19:17), … if he gets lost so that he may return to the right path. 
It is then our duty to prevent misbehaviors to be committed otherwise we would become the associates of the evil and would fall into the sin of omission. We cannot close our eyes upon this thing neither.   
Indeed, one more time, it is only the Law of God which is able to show us what our duty is when we face this problem! 

The Jewish religion is constructed upon 3 main pillars: 
"The world is built up upon three pillars: 
Upon the Torah, upon the ministry of God and upon charity" 
(Avoth 1:2) 
In a word: upon truth, mercy – kindness and charity.  

Faith is the basis of Jewish mentality and thought which goes together as pairs with: 
- The Law (Torah) which is linked to knowledge and intelligence.  
- The Mitzvoth (Mitzvah – good actions), the tradition of what has to be done and respected.  
- The feelings, the sensations and the emotions… 

The mentioned basis above are interpreted and applied by all the rabbis according to their own situation and way of thinking.  

But the three basis still focus the same common command:  

The holiness of life is upon every law and can even revoke laws in certain cases and for a certain period of time…  

This is particularly true in the following three cases: 

- murder 
- idolatry 
- adultery 

The entire Law is divided into two main part that regulate: 

- The relationship between man and God (mitzvot shebein adam lamakom) 
- The relationship between men (mitzvot shebein adam lehavero) 

The basic order of human life is: 

"doing what is accurate in the eyes of men and what is good in the eyes of God" (Sifre Deut. 12:29) 

Since no law was ever written concerning the use of drugs in the Tanakh (the books of the Old Testament), we must then talk about the relationship between drug and these three deadly sins:  


All drugs (together with the excessive consumption of alcohol or cigarettes…) destroy the cells of the human body.  
- This slump process is nothing else than a slow suicide and the beginning of death which outcome is the final destruction of some parts of the organism.   
It is a sin committed against our neighborhood too, since a drug addict becomes less and less useful for the others and for the society in general.  
- This gets even more serious when the addict becomes dependent of the society by his own fault and by his own sin.   
The drug addict does also steal the goods of the community.   
- In the category of murder does also suit the fact of not being able to procreate by someone’s own fault, together with the voluntary incapability to give life. 

Drug addicts can very quickly reach this state because they soon become unable to procreate, to expect a baby and also to rise and to provide them.  
In other cases too, the example shown to their children can easily lead these to do the same when they become adults. The inclination of using narcotics can be inherited.   

First the drug addict is his own idol. Then he becomes his own slave and finishes to completely lose his personality.   
Self-divinization and self-rewarding are idolatry.  
In such cases it is not the God of Life but rather the death which is leading the drug addict.  
Any form of dizziness, all that is fighting against the senses or that tries to modify them is a refusal of living the life.   

There are two cases of adultery. 
Breaking the link of an already existing marriage.  
This happens very quickly because of the phenomenon explained above.  
When one spouse becomes addicted to a drug and becomes partly unable to live and moves slowly towards death, the other spouse soon ends up by leaving him.   
When both spouses becomes the slaves of a narcotic, we cannot really talk about marriage anymore but at most about some physical closeness of two ill people in soul and spirit.  

Because of all these problems, the judgment of drug addiction is not enough. We also have to prevent the disease before it appears and to stop it if it is already present.   

We could also draw up the list of all the crimes and offences committed under the influence of drugs and almost incited by them.  
All the crimes committed by the persons sponging of society or their families as parasites with the aim of getting their narcotics are well known by all the branches of modern criminology.  

The person who has lost his personality, his common sense and self-consciousness, arrives to the point when its human relations are getting more and more muddled or simply even disappear while he start representing a growing threat against his own and other’s life.  
The one who does not live his human relationships according to the Will of God is against God.   

The observations mentioned above are judgment pronounced upon any form of product or narcotic that is able to destroy human being.   
Until not so long ago, the rule of death was limited to the only area of alcoholism.  
But since a few decades, humanity came to such a level of general violence in its libertinism called "Liberty" that self-murdering and the murdering of others became a society phenomenon.  

The rebellious humanity denying God does not love and respect its fellow beings and continues to live its so-called free life in the slavery of perdition while rushing into death. 

In the other part, the believer is aware of the fact that everything is allowed but not everything is useful. 
He is conscious of his limits and is moderated because he knows the God who loves the human and who gave everything to us to use it for good.
For the benefit of Life and not of death.  

The consumption of drugs is forbidden? 
No it is not, because it is possible to choose death in place of life.  
Nevertheless, every man has the right to live by fighting death and not by being its accomplice.  

What is forbidden then? 
To help sinners practicing their sins. Because the drug addicts commit each of three deadly sins, it is thus possible to break other laws with the aim of rescuing and curing them.


Translated from hungarian by Richard (Zeev Shlomo)

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