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From engagement to marriage

Yaakov, Béla Orbán


The engagement is revocable without any consequence, however, in most cases it may be a start of a trial marriage or sexuality freedom, which is adultery in God’s eyes.

Among the Jews the engagement is an irrevocable ruling because it’s date coincides with the date of marriage. Two persons state out to each other their own duties, which are confirmed by their own initiative in oral and written words (ketuba) before witnesses. After this they stand as one entity in front of God, under the Huppa (Baldahin), which is a sign to confirm that they are bound by God’s Law and He covers them during their life.

The Jews see it in a really realistic way. After engagement, the young people desire each other, enduring hard difficulties during the expectation. That’s why they have to realize the wedding.

Unfortunately, Christianity have the bad habit of not talking about the real problems of life, since these are important things in everyday life. Sexuality is one of the most denied problem among them.

The reason is multiple. The catholic celibacy’s pains, the deficits of the experience, the prude attitude has harmful effect, and we can write many books about it. Among the non-believers we can expose the deficit of the sexual culture. Because of it there come many pain, apprehension, abasement, fear…

Let’s talk about these things, which are received in the open public, but are deemed as sin in the Body of Christ.

And may talk about our body, because the believers’’ life isn’t an ascetic life. Our body is a gift of God, and He wants us to bless it-also like our sexuality.

We also read about Brides in the Bible. Like the Body of Christ, being also a Bride. Who gives her/his own life to Him, this bride decision is eternal and irrevocable.

Israel, however is a wife, because already met with God and with the Bridegroom…

This fact contains deeper revelation for us….


Translated by Eszter Orbán

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