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Fathers and Sons


Yaakov, Béla Orbán


It became very urgent nowadays that men recover the place that was given to them by God.  
In this work, and after having recovered their right place among the families and weddings in their relationships with their wives, the very next step for them to do is to settle their relationships with their sons.   
The main reason of the crisis that society and Christianity goes through (together with the main part of the Jewish Community of our country) is the loss and the abolition of the lawful patriarchal order.   

Then it is not surprising if Satan uses the innumerable weapons of the New Age to destroy these relationships.   
Because the pit that was dug between fathers and sons leads the following generations to an antichrist power 
Which is then the good relationship that fathers have to maintain with their sons, and what are their real responsibilities according to the Will of God? 

The question is even more important since all that behaves in the world does destroy the same way and following the same scheme in the assemblies.   
Indeed we are also talking about the relationships between spiritual fathers and sons.   

The overturning of the patriarchal order…

"Becoming like the Americans"... also implies that our father as an example and authority, all that we have learned from him must be rejected and denied.   
This behavior became such an institution and an example to be followed that men themselves expect this attitude from their own children.

This is how parental authority has been abolished. 
But where men entrust themselves to the progress of civilization, all social order (together with the family) falls into ruin.  
This process started when the place of work and living have been separated.   
The individualized worker submitted to a boss took the place of the production of goods in community and family. This led also to the loss of value of the father as head of the family.

"Pass it on to your children"

This sentence is not a matter of calling upon your wife and children for what you have invented and imagined as a man.  
(Neither calling upon an assembly as its head...) 

It means the transmission of God’s knowledge, of His Laws, of the Holy Scriptures (Tanakh), together with the respect and the fulfillment of the entire Word of God. That is the most important thing in the relationship between a father and his son.
We should say that this is the only insurance for the good functioning of the present and the future.



Translated from hungarian by Richard (Zeev Shlomo)

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