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Where have men passed?

Yaakov, Béla Orbán

First part

The Oedipus complex and conflict and other diseases…

It was while I was searching after the origins of anti-Semitism that I stopped for a while during my research of the roots of the problem.

I soon discovered the first layer of the problem, the Edomian roots of the plague. This well known spirit but quite neglected as for its analysis is the main cause of the breach of the Law. Thus it is the work of an antichrist spirit.  

This work is done first of all by attacking men and their calling. Moreover this spirit attacks both genders by destabilizing them in their identity and in their function so distorting their self-esteem.  

The causes and the methods used to carry out this devil work are very numerous and extremely varied and do not come from women in all cases.

The consequence of sins and the breach of Laws lead to the shaking of God’s order together with the destruction of the weddings, the families and any other human relationship.  

Then the generations grows up, and some do already grow up this way,who hate and deny their own parents. For this reason insane and tight relations are developing among families between their members.  

The mothers start to be the center of interest of the families. We often smile when we see little kids sitting on their mother’s knees, but we also often forget that fathers have in most cases already lost their place in the family whose they remain a simple members without doing their tasks and without fulfilling their function as the head of the family.  

Although these phenomenon are quite well known by modern psychology, the knowledge of these problems will be very useful for us since today’s men are very "busy", or have disappeared or have been withdrawn from the firing line. Women often fulfill functions or do tasks that are improper and they are doing all this in wrong places and moments and can easily go against God’s Will.  

It would be very easy to accuse others such as this problem was not present in Christian assemblies, but let us know that this problem is actually present and gets bigger each day.

Although this "Oedipus symptom" the generalization of induction, paranoia, aggressiveness coming from the conflict personality-enemies, tolerance are all lethal diseases that are present in our lives!

However it is necessary to name the disease to be able to fight against it and to heal it. We must fight against these diseases to prevent them from spreading such as a plague.  

The famous anti-Semites of the History can serve as examples, since the anti-Semitism ensues not only from the lack of education of people and from the generalization-phenomenon, but also and especially from a deep rejection of God, of His Laws and from the hatred of His judgments. These two things are often going together.   

This provokes a wave of lies, which is no other but the Luciferian spirit of revolt...

Since the symptoms quoted previously are without any exception present among Christian assemblies and practically in all currents independently of their statement of faith, it would thus be important for the believers and especially for their pastors as well as for those who carry out a ministry of mental and psychic hygiene, to lean over this problem to be able to foresee the next attacks of this spirituality and its consequences that are often foreseeable in time...

The results are disastrous. We can observe a clear decrease of the number of male believers in the assemblies and instead of the Word and the Laws of God, we can only hear praises accompanied by dances and by overflowing of joy which are the reflection of feminine idolization of the flesh, coming from the soul and not from the Spirit.

Then come all the oral or written explanatory theories of these alternative methods taking the place of the worship and of the explanation of the Gospel within the framework of conferences, reports, etc.

In most of the cases, it is a matter of acts of revolt against the patriarchal order established by God to deform or even to destroy the Laws.

And thus the process of the "unmasculinization" continues and the Jezebelian power is getting stronger.

The men who were not spiritually furnished before their road of independent adults by their fathers, or who grew up in dismembered families join women as unisex beings, feminized and transformed in subjects or even in tolerated persons between the claws of "maternalizing" powers, but especially Jezebelian, and all this from their own and complete will!

As in many other areas, here also, the similar or identical spirits are attracting each other. People suffering from identical diseases are finding each other and are often strengthening the common disease in their ill-mates.

This kind of reunion within a Christian assembly creates a sort of shadow cabinet which collected and strengthened leads to a rebellion against the patriarchal order, against the divine order as regards to the role and place of the man in the community. The process of the mystification of believer's life begins, sorts of leaders appear who grant themselves and make themselves accept to have an election and a particular power.

A battle begins who, in the best case ends by a split or a dissension, but in the worst, and because of the spiritual infantilism of the community, leads to deep wounds or brings to the total dismemberment or to the pure submission of the whole community to this new spirit.

The emotional overflowing coming from it leads to a false charismatic process which is based in every case on a human authority and whose main tool is the charismatic witchcraft. In many cases, it is women who grant themselves this kind of power and establish a matriarchal order on people who are ill and maintained in a spiritual infantilism.

All this lasts for a certain time until those who aspire to purity and truth realize that they are in a state of spiritual hunger and withdraw from these sick communities.

In such cases there is a double loss:

The dissidents do not know how to begin something new because they were dependent on their "mothers", and the divine and patriarchal order create phobias and unexplainable fears in them because of the false education inked in their souls.

What can we do in the similar case, how to stop such a destruction?

As I mentioned before, many diseases can be defined this way. Among these diseases, those who appear mostly are:


     Psychology often treats the problem. Freud himself treats it in a very complex way as being one of the main causes of anti-Semitism. If this is true, then it is true also that this disease of the soul is against God and the Law, and also creates the hatred of man. If we could prove this, we would be able to assert that a destructive spirit hides behind the divorces, the broken families, the effeminate and dismembered assemblies.

It is Satan himself who uses the dependence towards the mother to successively destroy the Laws of God.

He uses it within the Jewish community by strengthening the role and the power of the "Mamme", which reigns over the families where men are not in charge of the Torah and the faith in God any more. The same work is carried out among Christian communities when men are going away from God and so lose their place, their posts among their family and assembly…

At the beginning, the women take the power in hands out of necessity. Then men themselves ask them for spiritual leading, feeding and protection.

This situation is apparently shameful, that is why after a while they leave the family, the assembly, or also give mystic explanations to their situation. They are helped in this by a range of female prophets and apostles or other false teachers who uses these men so that they are able to extend their power and imperial prestige. To ensure their power, their most effective weapon is maintaining a state of spiritual childhood. One of these weapons is the false maternal love together with a "maternal comfort", which the little babies constantly need, because they are maintained in a state of dependency and of constant disease. This state requires a constant assistance and supervision from their "bosses".

One of the best instruments to reach that is the endless act of repent and confessions of sins followed by the liberations which are always connected with human-"maternal" authorities.

Before looking for the connections between soul and spirit more in details concerning this subject, let us have the following story as a typical example in mind:

There was an assembly where the patriarchal order worked correctly, where God's Word and the unique authority of the Holy Spirit were in the center of everything, and where the pastor led people to the birth again and to spiritual adulthood in the order which God defined. He carried out this ministry by his own will and in entire freedom, but in a legal order, as a moderator. In a word: he performed the role of a rabbi.

Then, after a while, a part of the community broke away from the body, after having already separated itself from the rest of the community some time before. This little part got already distant and outside the Spirit of the group, as a kind of bad omen of the coming separation.

Then, other Medians appeared and took them away for a while…

This kind of attack is not an unusual phenomena and always happens when people follow their own desires and look for the satisfaction of their own desires in the assemblies instead of giving completely their lives to the power of Yeshua HaMashiach. These ones always finish going away and looking for their satisfaction somewhere else, if they do not find what they were looking for.

But in our story, these characters are secondary…

The loss was painful and those who stayed looked for a long time for the reasons of this split and destruction, often in themselves too …

But today, one year later, the reason is clear and can exactly be named:

The Oedipus complex!

At the beginning, the problem arose through the words of one of them as it follows:

- You want to tell me what to do?

This happened after a worship where we were talking about the Laws of God that the man in question considered as an attack against his person coming from the servant who was just preaching the Truth of God.

He was one of the deserters who also tore somebody else away with him from the community.

We also must know that the father of this man was very violent and merciless. He has never wanted his son and did not miss to let him know that by his constant despotic behavior.  The result: the life of the son was a constant flight into fear and confusion. He even tried formerly to overcome this frustration by rushing into some oriental religions…

The person that he dragged with him:

- A young lady whose father was also infernal and beat his children. As a consequence of that, the young lady had a feeling of disgust towards men. She was practically unable to create sentimental or friendly relationship with men, in brief, she was afraid of them.

Their relation was made easier by the fact that this man who was a runaway for more than half a century never succeeded in becoming a real man, thus no reason for being afraid of him.

The third deserter

- A man of about 35 years old, child of divorced parents whose father's death provoked a deep wound and who was unable to forgive his father for having abandoned him and his mother and for having preferred his younger brother to him. He was a man who only loved himself and who was filled with desires of unfulfilled or non-begun projects.

All rebelled and left on the influence of the fourth character:

Her father was a rejected provincial who satisfied his desires of ruling and his brutality in the army where he was working as a soldier, and who get on the same way after the work among his own family, but this time also under the effect of alcohol. Our instigator of the break-up frequented a school held by nuns and her miserly and brooder mother provided to her needs so much that she made her unable to live an independent life despite of her university degree.

The dependence of the mother has led to Oedipus complex which made her unable to live a life in couple and also created a hatred of the males. This hate appeared through the rebellion against the patriarchal order, against the promulgated Laws and against the representative of these Laws on the earth: her husband… The story ended by a divorce when the oedipal spirit pushed her to submit to the matriarchal order and to the Jezebelian spirit of her mother.

The description of these four people is not exhaustive, but teaches us a lot. This is the reason why we will talk again about these four characters in the future as prototypes of the symptoms of the mentioned diseases.

They will be useful for us, since in each case, the feeling of philo-Semitism was always there and reinforced in those people, and the nasty and destructive characteristics of philo-Semitism quickly took the control over them. In some cases, philo-Semitism is no other but the appearance and the motor of a veiled and very dangerous anti-Semitism and anti-Judaism.

Despite of all this, what are the conclusions of this story at first sight?

- All men who, except from their calling as men, received any additional duty of leading an assembly have to expect the arising of this Oedipus phenomenon with all the consequences and fights described before.

They will have to face these powers which appear in all communities and which fight against the Laws of God.

These powers try to feminize and to establish the matriarchal order by destroying the calling of the man. These spirits carry all this out in a Jezebelian way, it means by the power of lying and murdering.

This power does not only hate men, but also hates the communities and the families.

It is a matter of a power which also attacks the Body of the Messiah (of Christ) and which is by this way antichrist…

It also means that sooner or later the following target will be the Jewish community itself…

This power is diabolical and wears the clothes of philo-Semitism. This clothing is Christian and matriarchal. It is a matter of the mission of the devil, even if the persons used to carry out this mission are people from goodwill and convinced to be on the right path.

- This spirit using the matriarchal and Jezebelian power opens the doors and is linked to organizations that claim and commend the false ecumenism and who are themselves under the rule of a demoniac "feminine" power.

When the mystified false authorities will appear, the roots of spiritualism and religiousness will appear with them at the same time. All this under the names of: charismatic ecumenism, apostolic or prophetic movements generally spreading and teaching the taste for all that is mystic, sowing fear or perhaps are they already sowing it among us…

Although this list does only enumerate the superficial appearing of the problem, we can firmly maintain that: one of the most effective and destructive weapon used by the angel of the light is really what these few lines are talking about.  

What it thus our main and most urgent duty from now?

- To reestablish the order of God: the order of the man and the woman such as God decreed it.  This signal particularly applies for those carrying out a ministry toward others.  

The story told before is a good signal: People who were not been purified from their past, so from their hatred of men and fathers and who were living under their mothers’ authority, are dangerous for themselves, and also for the other members of the community.

These ones are potentially able to rebel and to incite others to rebel together with them too.  

- Although first of all, we must examine ourselves, our families and our communities.  

Are we really using our man’s identity such as God has decreed it?

- Perhaps Paulism, source of Christian-Phariseeism, is false and gives to men a role which is absolutely not in the Spirit of God anymore, but rather deeply despotic, totalitarian and tyrannical?  

Perhaps it is exactly because of Paulism and many other wings of pietism that there are so many people suffering in Oedipus complex?

- Perhaps we ourselves, the men, are the source of the problem by having refused our role of father and priest of our family such as God decreed it in His Laws? Perhaps we are those who forgot to transmit to our sons how a man looks like if he is really made to the image of his Creator, and that is why so many families are in ruins at this moment?

- Are we conscious that wherever a man is not at his righteous place, the women do not receive any spiritual cover and remain without any protection?

In other words, she is in prey to everything and all these attacks target also our children who are in the same situation as their mothers.

On the other hand, the false cover is rebelliousness to God, since woman cannot be the cover of man, but has to be his partner in his mission!

So we can certainly declare that:

The loss of the Jewish Roots of Christianity, the falsification or the giving up the Laws of God, tolerance, the refusal of the differences and the paranoid fear of these differences are all the origin of all these breakings and diseases.

Such powers are really released when these institutions are violated. Beyond the evil action towards those who provoke them, these powers turn against God and His People. Because of the lack of men at their right place, so of pastoral ministries, many are those who remain without any protection against these spirits.  

This is the reason why the Body of Christ and the Chosen People become the same way the targets of destructive matriarchal, anti-Zionist, anti-Semite and antichrist powers!

This is why the description of the illness has to be continued…


Translated from hungarian by Richard (Zeev Shlomo)
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