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Release and Treason

Yaakov, Béla Orbán

«Then they told David, saying, Behold, the Philistines fight against Keilah, and they rob the threshing floors. Therefore David inquired of the LORD, saying, Shall I go and smite these Philistines? And the LORD said unto David, Go, and smite the Philistines, and save Keilah.» (1Sám 23,1-2) 

Here, we can read about the story of David’s victory who was on the run before Saul. This victory comes to fall in the middle of the various episodes of the flight of David. It is for that reason that the story of this victory can easily escape our attention. However, we can learn a lot about this story and it carries very useful messages concerning all those who serve God and who carry out ministries. It may even be material for the education of the leaders of communities and assemblies, and especially for all those who carry out a pastoral ministry of soul’s care. This story could have two titles: 1- From Release to Treason, or even: 2- How does the cured person become later our enemy? 

During this episode, we can see the functioning of a very important power, a power which is used by politicians, warriors as well as anybody exercising a certain power. From the first verse till the end of the story, we can notice that several characters are observing each other. The institution of spying does obviously work.  

"they told David …" (23,1) 
"it was told Saul that David was come to Keilah…" (23,7) 
"David knew that Saul secretly practised mischief against him…" (23,9) 
"Saul, informed that David escaped from Keila …" (23,13)

The first thing that the servant of God thus must know is that his calling, his ministry and his functioning is constantly observed by the enemies. It is however necessary to remain opened because we are not the ones who decide ourselves on ministries to be carried out and to do and we neither can choose them, but we receive them through our sobriety of soul and spirit.  
However, this opening can conceive only in a well defined frame and within a well bounded territory. We cannot say everything in front of everybody concerning our call and ministry. There are secrets which have to stay between God and the concerned person. There are projects, objectives and knowledge which can be only shared with persons who are in spiritual unity with us. But it also exists some that should be only known by our direct companion of mission. Our carelessly pronounced words can easily ruin ministries, victories and testimonies. 
The today’s Saul pretending of being God’s men can easily pray against us, thus opposing the soul to the spirit.

In this story, David did not go to search an enemy for himself. During his running, he heard about a city which was constantly plundered by the Philistines. They warned him, or rather, the message was given to him. Here we find another useful teaching for us. He asks the question and waits for the answer coming from God. Indeed, the servant of God must submit his situation to God's will and to the ministry towards others without thinking about his bad situation or the difficulties he has to face.  
We can never put ourselves in the first row. Even in our fights and during our periods of crisis, we must be ready to go to fight for others, to carry out ministries towards others and to save souls from danger.  

The city of Keila belonged only partially to Judea and looked like an independent island on the map of the country. Still today, there are numerous assemblies and communities of this type. In the same way, many communities and religious believers are in danger on this deserted ground, those who belong to nowhere. They are not Philistines, but they are just superficially connected to Judea. It is them whom the Philistine troops can attack the most easily and quickly. It is them who are sowing, harvesting, but never taking benefit from the harvest. The Philistines knows very well the date of the harvest, they do not get tired of sowing, harvesting and working the ground, but they only steal or burn the harvest and the fruits of others.  
Indeed, we know well this phenomenon when we see talented and brave persons been torn away and extracted from religious assemblies to get in the world again. We can see the same thing also when seeing young people fleeing their families to rush into the world. 

The philistine attack is naturally present still today and even under more varied forms. They plunder people of all their values, and when deprived of everything and looking to the future without any hope, they eventually exclaim and maybe fall in pray for the first time in their life.  
So are the inhabitants of Keila. They are those who look for their liberation, for change in their lives, for salvation and release. We can never turn away from these people in confusion and we have to rush for their rescue by putting aside all these things that are so important for us, as well as any personal interest. We have to make the first step.  

Keila was a city with bolts, gates and bars. The symbol of these plundered lives which today as yesterday call up for help from their cells which hold them prisoners in their desperate situations. The only thing remaining to them is their voice which can be heard by other persons able to pass their S.O.S message to us.  

David did not ask any questions. David asked question only to God who answered him by an order: go and beats them!

The next episode of the story is also very actual. First of all, it was the men of David who tried to dissuade him from doing it. However, he asked the question for the second time to God, asking Him for the confirmation and then went to fight. He won and released the city. 

Why is this story very actual? 

Indeed, when the servant of God manages to overcome himself, in other words, when he manages to place the ministry before his own interests, he quickly has to face the following problem, the second proof: He makes the experience of remaining alone because his neighbourhood does not want either to cooperate nor to participate in his mission since their family, community and any other interests are more important than helping the robbed and helpless prisoners.  

In this situation, we can just have a very single source of strength: the fact that our call, our fights, the releases and the victories are not our merit and our will. It is God who sends us, and if it is Him who sends us, the release and the victory is insured. The victory on ourselves and on our neighbourhood can never come true if we are not in personal contact with God and if we are not in possession of His promise of call.  

We see several times in David's life that behind his words, he considers his projects as accomplished facts. We can find it in this story, when he asks: Shall I go and beat these Philistines? (23, 2) 
There is absolutely no doubt behind this question, but indeed a strong faith by which he knows that if he goes to the Philistines, he will beat them.  
I think that today, the believer should also have the same characteristics and the same insurance as David has. It is necessary to know our mission, to know, to believe and to declare the absolute power of Yeshua HaMashiach.  

The only question which remains from then is if the task is indeed ours and when it must be executed? 
Many do not understand this firmness. That is why; today's David are seen and accused of being proud, or even Jezebelians. Nevertheless without these characteristics of David, there is no victory, but all the more doubts and fears which push us away at the state in which David's men were. We can be the obstacles of ministries, or we can refuse ministries by fear and thus become the slaves of our own sins of negligence. 

David thus won. But in place of success and rewards, he received a bad news. His advisers reported him that Saul wanted to go to Keila not only to annihilate him and his troops, but also to destroy the whole city.  
This works exactly the same way today.  
Whoever is carrying out a fruitful ministry of release afterward has to face new and even bigger fights. Because Satan does hardly like the defeats, he comes back and attacks furiously the releaser and the released person the same way.  
The reward is the same for the ministries of liberation today. Satan attacks with fury. The best proof of the efficiency of a ministry is the attack undergone later. The more a ministry is effective, the more the later attacks are big. The effect action-reaction works. The more releases occur, the more these releases are big, the more Satan returns to the fight. 
The biggest morality here merges only from this point of the story and we have to stop here for a moment to think about it. 
The released Keila can easily become the ally of the enemy Saul. 
"And David said: Will the habitants of Keila deliver me up unto his hands?… And the Eternal answered: They will"
We certainly arrived at the most interesting and most instructive point of the story. We must know and learn that the release is not yet the passage under a new power. David released Keila, but the city did not become part of his kingdom and power. It is the reason for which it turned against him

Still today, many do not understand why the persons whom they released successfully, in the life of whom big changes arrived, for whom they sacrificed their time and strength and carried out so many ministries and hard working hours, finally turn against them. Nevertheless the message of this story can teach us and draw our attention on this very precise problem. If somebody was released by means of your ministry, but whose life does not get under Christ's power, he can easily become your potential enemy. This is an enemy who binds foreign alliances with others and who is even ready to denounce you and deliver you up to your enemies.  

My experiment is that the ones who start, get released, but do not get under Christ's power begin to generate the discord, the destruction, the divisions, the rivalries and the revolts within communities thus becoming traitors. The released one who does not born again becomes in every case the enemy of the person who carried out a ministry of release towards him. In a similar way, the one who born again and offers his-her life to Christ, but who instead of the path of submission and obedience chooses the road of rebelliousness and disobedience, becomes an enemy even bigger than the previous one. The spiritual difference is visible between these two cases. In the first case the transmission of power has not been made, the power of Christ was not accepted, while in the second case, the spirit of satanic insubordination reigns with fury in the person and transforms the patient into an enemy. 

I could quote numerous examples to illustrate this phenomenon. 
But should Keila remain the typical example for us. Keila did not want to deliver David in the hands of the Philistines, but indeed between those of Saul. The spirit of revolt works hardly differently today. Even today, he binds alliance with the one who fights the servant of God and who nevertheless arrives in God's name. Saul was persuaded to be himself the man of God while actually being seriously demonised. The enemies of the current servants of God - so Satan also - know how to use those who, as Keila, belong to nobody and to no power. These enemies offer them an alliance of interest which makes promises in the name of the Holy Spirit, of Yeshua or of God while fighting against the three of Them at the same time. So nowadays, we very often hear sentences as: "God said to me", "God told me", "The Holy Spirit declared to me", while the life of the people who say that kind of thing is visibly full of sins and is struggling because of the consequences of those sins.  
Such as the habitants of Keila, they escaped from a danger, from a difficulty, from slavery together with their jailers, but the power of Christ is not visible in them.  
This power could not be visible since the spirit of rebellion, the false alliances and pacts are things that are totally alien to the People of Christ and they would never get in touch or be in community with them.  

After all this analysis, should David's story remain an example and a message for all those who are in the service of God.  
When we carry out a ministry towards somebody, leave aside any personal or community interest and go to fight against the plunderers and the robbers to deliver the oppressed ones. Let us make this even if some do not agree with it or do not help us. Nevertheless let us leave as owners of this certainty which is given to us by God, that if He sends us somewhere, it is because He has already been there before and He opens the way before us.  
At the same time, let us have before the eyes that we cannot stop after our ministry of release, we cannot rest, but that we must be even more attentive and more sober later. The real frontal attack arrives only afterward. The consequence of the victory and the liberation, the release is that the counterattack starts very soon. After the fight and the victory, let us bring everybody to the decision to born again. But do not stop here either, but let us place people on the path of submission under the power of the Christ. If one of these things does not occur, it is the servant of God who will be mainly touched, attacked and betrayed by the inside, either it will be the community of servants that these persons will try to tear apart by their treason.  

It has been some years ago that I carried out a ministry towards a couple which the Philistines had surrounded and which was chained by numerous sins. All their harvests, their wheat and their fruits, their possibilities and their life's conditions were stolen. It was mainly necessary to carry out a ministry of release in this domain. Then, the two of them put their lives in the hands of Christ. During the ministry, more and more serious sins and heavy bonds and chains were unveiled. Among these, the most serious sin was that the man had not only adulterous relations during several years during the marriage, but that these relations were homosexual relations. He led this double life as a father, as a diverting man who moreover often played the feminine role in his vile relations.  
I lived as one of God's biggest miracles in my life, when cleaned by all this stain, I saw the released and cleansed couple recovering and reviving. Then, some years later, this man attacked me. He came to term and allied with people who claimed to be the children of the Lord, even to be messianic while living themselves in heavy sins of insubordination as well as in the false charismatic and in the charismatic sorcery.  

What happened? 

The same thing as in the story of David. The city was released, but was never annexed to the Kingdom. Although they were a part of it by their name, the power of the King was not real in their lives. In place of that, pharisaism, a false Jewish identity and an anti-Judaist phylosemitism developed.  
I experienced in other numerous cases that people also come and ask for release because they are afraid of the Philistines and are on the run before the problems of the everyday life. When these releases occur, they disappear rather fast and never pass under Christ's power.  

The previous examples, as well as many other experiments teach us not to wait for the arrival of Saul, quite as David did not wait for him either. The persons who did not born again, or living in the insubordination, open doors by which our enemies can arrive in the name of God, of Yeshua and of the Holy Spirit to attack us.  

In brief: when there is an unfinished ministry and when released people do not arrive under the power of Christ or if we perceive the slightest sign of insubordination or rebelliousness in their lives, let us separate from them in time!
We can separate and it is allowed to do so, but let us never be in community with them "In the cities with bolts". Saul also intended to take Keila by storm, when it received the news that David was there: "because he came to lock himself into a city which has gates and bars." (23,7) 

The question which remains is: when do we have to part and leave? When do we have to part from these people?
When we see that they slow us down and retain us on our road. Or when they are standing across our road. Such is the functioning of the persons that are not born again or living in rebelliousness and sin. After so many hard ministries and difficult fights, when we can see no starting and changes in the life of somebody and when we realize that this state of lethargy is really the consequence of their insubordination, we have to pursue our road by putting any feeling of humanism aside. We must do it because the community with such persons is very dangerous. The spy spirits infiltrating through them are capable of killing them and of killing us at the same time. Maybe our assembly will get smaller, some shall see or hope the end of it, while our road gets released and fastened in reality evolving much easily and fast towards the objective which was defined to it by God. This loss in appearance is in real a gain of life, even if we accuse us of missing love and charity or if we accuse us of being coward deserters. 

It is what I experienced in the example mentioned previously and I could realize this contradictory state after the tearing apart. Our evolution on the path got easier, faster by what our testimonies also multiplied.  

Thus there is no place for any humanism or tolerance. In other words, unperformed and unfinished ministries represent such a danger for us that we can lose all we have. The same danger watches for us coming from those who started, but stagnate and make no step forward. These are even more dangerous than any unbeliever.

The story talks about the city of Keila. The meaning of this word is: assembly. It is not a coincidence if a city having such a name appears in this story of David. It is not a coincidence, so that the today's Keilas, the contemporary assemblies can have an example, so that the actual servants of God remember this teaching, knowing how to serve in the assemblies and how the ministry of release has to function.  
Should this story also be a warning: the ministry of release is not a simple question of human authority, method, or a game, but indeed the most dangerous ministry which can be made strictly only with the sending and the confirmation of God. It is only in that case that we can go ahead and have fruits and testimonies ministry by ministry.

This story of David has been repeated again and does always repeat in all its aspects and often even in a more serious way.  
The Lord of the World arrived as a Saver among his people among whom many turned against Him. Although many were the witnesses and the beneficiaries of cures, signs and miracles, because they did not accept Him as The Messiah, they became His enemies. 
And all this still goes on today. Those who meet Jesus and who do not accept Him as Christ in their lives, those who live their everyday lives somewhere between Saul and the Philistines finally start to listen to lighter and easier promises coming from men arriving in the name of God. This way, they become soulish Christian fighting the spiritual ones and the enemies of the Body of Christ.
In the other hand, the one who is from Christ has to face every day these attacks of the powers that are ready to deliver him to the hands of criminals. The spirit of religiosity is the one which is ready to deliver the Body of Christ to the hands of the saulian spirits which arrive and act in the name of the Lord, but whose murderous intentions always finish to be unveiled.  

The spirit of murder can only be overcome by LIFE, by Yeshua HaMashiach, by the Spirit of Christ.

Translated from hungarian by Richard (Zeev Shlomo)

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