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Yaakov, Béla Orbán

During years, I often heard that Jews are the best lovers in the world... 

I don’t really agree with that, since there could at most be the best husbands and wives.
But I think that everyone is allowed to take the advantages of this in a legitimate way, according to the rules that God gave us concerning this field of human life.  

In Hebrew, when someone

sleeps with a woman,

He does not have sex with her, or does not make her his, etc…, but

shimesh mitato – turns to be the servant of her bed....

If men knew that, weddings would be much better than they are now.  
on the other hand, a service can only be made under a certain power…
Would this mean that women are ruling their husbands while living in a patriarchal order?

Absolutely not!

Woman’s body is also a temple and mating is a ministry that can be blessed and sanctified by God:

When He offers a new life through it…

If someone does not simply love himself through this act, he/she would be able to live even bigger and stronger joy and happiness. 

When two beings do not simply unite emotionally and physically, but when they also blossom in spirit one in the other.

Sexual life before wedding

First we have to clarify some things: how long is it necessary for two people to know each other and what should we consider as being a physical union. 
Physical union outside the marriage is fornication. 
Any sexual relation outside the marriage, such as any relation that has not been sanctified by God is fornication in the eyes of God.  
A person who is born again cannot cohabit with someone so that his physical and psychical desires should be satisfied while this relation hasn’t been spiritually blessed by the presence of God.

God wants to be present in the marriage…!

God never gives His consent for sin!
Except in cases when the couple is already united in flesh and soul and go before God asking Him to enter their common life after they converted and are born again. 
on the other hand, all those who know the concept of sin and who have already given their life to the power of Christ, cannot have any un-sanctified sexual relationship that falls in the category of sexual unification anymore…

In the case of divorce (if it is in the will of God), or when someone sends his wife back, he cannot marry again with someone else until the divorce has not been pronounced!
In this case, the break-up has to be realized in a physical, psychical and spiritual way and the stamp of the worldly legal authorities is also necessary…! 

A divorcing person is not a divorced person yet!

As long as the case has not been closed, any further relation would fall into the category of bigamy, which is of course also synonymous of fornication…

If there is a divorce, it has to be carried out according to the Laws of God. If it is not the case, it is then a matter of adultery. 
The one uniting with adultery also unites with his/her sin.

Perversion and fornication/sexual aberration

The Jewish Halakha forbids homosexual relations. 
Homosexuality falls in the same category as bestiality, necrophilia, pedophilia and all other forms of sexual aberration such as prostitution. 
The judgment is the same as for any other sexual perversion. 

The Halakha does not search for the roots, the social and psychological reasons of the problem and does not consider it as being an incurable disease…

It gives ONLY ONE explanation to its judgment:

Anything that is querying the sense and the aim of Creation is FORBIDdEN.

Of course this does not mean that the aim of sexual relation is procreation each time, but rather that no physical relation of any kind excluding the possibility of giving life is acceptable. 
In other words, the genital organs of man and woman can only be used in accordance with their original function.  

We can also add to this interdiction of the Halakha that:

- the one having the possibility of living a sexual life among marriage and does not do it, 
- the one having the possibility of living a sexual life among marriage but does only love and satisfy himself through this physical act

is committing exactly the same sin that the one committed by the deviants belonging to the different categories mentioned before.  

They all commit the sin of fornication. Such as monks and nuns do also, disobeying and acting this way against the procreating will and aim of God. (Except from a very few cases).


We have reached a period in History when the rejection of God’s Laws and Order has arrived to such a point when homosexuality is not considered as being a disease anymore, but well accepted as being one of the forms of the expression of the so-called human liberty. 

It is then necessary for all those who belong to the People of God to claim the Law also in this field for everybody without any discussion and contradiction.
Even if this is against today’s religious and worldly laws. 

It is not a matter of any political attitude but rather of a statement of faith concerning the Will, the Law and our faith in God. 

I am shocked to see the unceasingly growing number of gay and lesbian Christian assemblies while surfing on the internet. The amount of men and women «pastors», who openly claim their belonging to this form of sexual deviation, is also getting bigger each day.

This teaching also aims to prevent from an eventual wave of accusations, damming and anti-Semitism. 
Because there are also many homosexual messianic assemblies.
Many famous people of today or yesterday are also known to be homosexual and from Jewish origin at the same time. 

Because of those few examples, many are going until attributing the disease (homosexuality) to the whole Jewish Community that in most of the cases is living a normal and loving family life in harmony before God.
Satan tries to discredit a whole People again because of some deviants…

I don’t want to talk now about another form of deviationism named celibacy or « singles » with all its disastrous results and consequences. A whole study could be dedicated to the analysis of the « sexual revolution » and all its consequences until Sodom. I also don’t want to unveil those who would have to be grandfathers and grandmothers today, together with the analysis of their nasty heritage on the next generations.  

But I have to name the sin together with the Law that unveils it to be able to announce the possibility of Grace, the only one which can absolve it.  

Masturbation - Onan

The problem is known in popular mind under the name of Onanism when a man satisfies his own sexual desires himself. 
What can be the reasons of such a behavior and can we do this? 

Because in the case of Onan it was about something totally different!
In this story, Onan disobeyed an order given by God who wanted him to fertilize the wife of his dead brother. He did not do that and that is why he had to die. 
Or masturbation is also against life? 

This subject is also taboo among Christianity that is ashamed about it. Although all men face this problem very early at the age of puberty when they start realizing that their body is functioning and so become absent-minded, anxious and suffer a lot many times.

On the other hand, parents generally leave their sons on their own and they have to face the problem alone. This parental absence gives free way for their desires. This will only have consequences in the future, while living in couple with their wives. 
Anyhow this bad habit can have such consequences in the future that the marriage will not work or even the pleasure and joy proposed by God within the framework of this institution can be absent or unreachable. 

I have also seen cases when the selfishness and narcissism resulting from such a habit of auto-satisfaction entirely excluded the possibility of making any acquaintance or live any normal relationship. 
The man in question however explained the justness of his situation of sin and narcissism by the mystification of his calling that he thought to be very « special ».  
This man is about 40 years old today... 

Since the church has destroyed the thoughts of young people by threatening them and saying that onanism was a deathly sin, we must face this problem very sincerely and know God’s response concerning this subject ... for our children and for the children of others.

Such as in the case of fornication, masturbation does also have a psychical and a spiritual version!

When someone is incapable to become integrated and to adapt himself to a community.
When someone is incapable to carry out a ministry with someone else being a kind of « antisocial ».
When someone is incapable to share with someone in his/her joys or misfortunes during a ministry.  
When someone is building a « community » for his own happiness excluding others around him for better ruling them… 
… But this list is extremely long … 

Since masturbation is no other than the summit of selfishness, the selfish thought or ministry is also masturbation.  
Most of the time the root of the problem is an inferiority complex or the reject of the person in his childhood together with an identity trouble in general:  
The schizophrenia that can result from a double Judeo-Christian identity for example.

Other causes can be an inordinate family situation or any other hidden sin.

This is the reason why I always start our cults by asking the people to tell their « new hymns », it means all things that God made in them or through them towards others during the week. 
Because we want to share our joys and all that is common ministry and testimonies by the action of God. 

Masturbation can function within a marriage but can also lead the person to want to remain alone. 
When somebody is unable to defeat and overcome the Amalek which is in him and as long as he is not free from it, he does not accept the order of God.

- Such a person misleads himself together with the people around him and runs away into a kind of psychical and spiritual masturbation (he or she becomes a kind of nun or monk – fall into the false charismatic or in charismatic idolatry…)
- This kind of person lives a double life…
- And becomes homosexual or even slips into an even worse and more insane type of sodomy.

This is the way how idolatry and self-esteem leads to psychical and spiritual fornication which different types exposed before are more than simple sins…

Fornication and/or Adultery?

In Matthew 15,19 Yeshua draws up the list of sins coming from the hearth. Both fornication and adultery are standing there. He quotes these two sins independently from each other. (In the Hungarian and English translation, as it is in the Greek original and in the Hebrew translation). The two terms are distinct and are not synonymous. Both have different signification. 

It would be necessary to go further into this subject too, but for the moment I would only mention some basic thoughts concerning the definitions of these words. 


When someone acts against a marriage that was sanctified by God. 
When one of the parties or some third person from outside tries to seize the other with the aim of using the other for his own purposes.  

Of course this does not always happen in a physical level!
I would tell just a few examples:

- When people do not let their children go of and are too much attached to their children, they prevent a part of the marriage of their sons or daughters from functioning well and are steeling a part of the unity of the family from them.
No matter if it is a question of money, time or anything that could be robbed from the other or used arbitrarily. 
Most of the adulteries are committed from outside: by the PARENTS....!

- All idols (in the case of Christians: false charismatic, pastors, ministries, movements, assemblies, etc…) take people away from God in general, but after a few time they also edge their way into marital life to destroy the marriage.  
Idolatrous does not fulfill their marital and parental obligations: they are adulterous…


In all cases, adultery is rooted in physical-psychical and spiritual fornication when somebody leaves his spouse behind by personal interests.  
He/she « sells » him/herself and sells the other the same way.  
In other cases, soul and spiritual fornication prevent man and woman to live any sane relationship. 
This way, a nun, a monk, a priest, the « little boy of his mummy », or the servant of God who offers himself « body and soul » to his ministry are all committing the sin of fornication in most of the cases!
Because they are disobeying God Who would like them to be men, husbands, women, wives, parents and the aids of each other.
Instead of that all have chosen something else that seemed to be better and more beautiful. 

Although all marriages that have not been bound, thus not existing are also sins of adultery that are going against the marital and family project of God. 

As long as anyone is deforming a marriage, does not fulfill his functions within it or replace these unfulfilled parts with something else, he/she remains in the sin of adultery. 
The one who leaves his/her companion behind or does not even start his/her marital life:


It is necessary to deepen this subject since:
Within a few years 40 people have left our community and only two of them were men.  
They all were unmarried:
- they have never been married and explained this state of celibacy with false Christian arguments eluding themselves mainly.
- they were officially married but never fulfilled they duty and never became companions of the other. Their marriage remained lifeless.   

We must talk about this thing since the members of those kind of « teams » are present everywhere and appear as soon as something new starts somewhere with the aim of infecting others.

They help each other to destroy further marriages.  

This phenomenon is helped and fastened by the fact that assemblies are getting more and more effeminate and men are not fulfilling their functions given by God anymore. After a few time, they even become unable to fulfill their tasks even if they wanted to, because the spirit in action rises against the patriarchal order of God to gather God’s People under its matriarchal order. 

« But as a wife that committeth adultery, which taketh strangers instead of her husband! »  (Ez.16:32)

This judgment was made to Israel that adored other gods than its God.
This judgment teaches us about what is the main difference between fornication and adultery in our human relations. 

But who are those strangers? :
A companion who has not been appointed and chosen by God.

When a third person emerges within a couple. The case is well known when the desires of flesh and human soul fight against the spirit, the Will of God through physical and psychical temptation or seduction. 

There are also cases when weddings are prevented from functioning or being realized.   
In such cases, the targets of these criminal attacks are the Will of God and the marital institution of the family.
It can also happen that such a relationship or physical-psychical community develops between two people or between a parent and his child that the alliance passed between two beings before God is unable to work properly.
The previous biblical verse judges the false ministry, the arbitrary chosen single life and all things people can be « in love with ».
Most of the time idolatry is hiding behind those relationships which root is self-esteem in most cases.  

An example of such adultery:
I knew a man of about 50 years old who was divorced and single. 
The other character was a young woman of 25 years old having a disastrous family background and who fled from this unbearable situation and took refuge in this man’s house.  
Both were believers, so a kind of community developed between them.
The story could seem to be beautiful and have a lot of practical aspects at first sight. 
The young woman was doing the housework and the man was not alone anymore. They shared a kind of mutual love towards each other. 
However, why this entire story was adultery then?
Because this state was not temporary and for a short time, but stabilized after a while: 
- the man became less and less apt to accept and receive the partner that God wanted him to meet.  
- the woman slipped into the same situation
Although, the sin of adultery was not supposed to be present between them, this comfortable situation prevented any potential wivesor husbands to approach them and find their companions in them. 

This relationship had at least postponed the moment when the two people could have been blessed by God by the gift of their respective companions. 
As long as this situation is maintained, the Project of God is obstructed: sin of adultery!

However there is another possibility:
If God had nevertheless really gathered them according to His Will despite of the difference of age, then they have to testify it before God and men through the sacrament of marriage.
This step has to be made because of physical temptations and also to be free from gossips and all the curse coming from it...

Why is it important to clear up and settle this kind of situation?

« Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God »... (ICor. 6:9-10)

This warning stands for all of us!
Anyone accusing and judging anyone else: condemns!!!

The one acting this way puts himself in the place of God as a false judge and false « king » and come to a sever punishment.  

I have not mentioned this example to judge these people but rather to attract our attention that without settlement and regulation, such a relationship is carrying a huge danger and can easily slip into the sin of adultery at any time. 
The serious sin of these two people is likely and it can easily happen that two other people are suffering somewhere a bit further waiting for their respective companions to be free to meet them at last.

Translated from hungarian by Richard (Zeev Shlomo)

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