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The place of the Women and their duties...

Yaakov, Béla Orbán

The place of the women and their duties among the family...
The place of the women and their duties among the assembly...

It is often by referring to the events of the Old Testament or even by the bad interpretation of Paul’s words concerning them that women are often even oppressed or put away and often in preys of merciless male’s terror. It is high time and necessary to set things straight again. Let’s dare to speak about that, and if needed let’s go in pray to repent before God!

The respect of women among Jewish Community
Let’s look at some quotation coming from the Jewish wise men reflecting their vision about women.
-”Men shall endlessly praise God for their wives and children.”
Presents must be bought without thinking about the financial situation... (Chulin 84.b)

The Talmud says that the man has to buy his wife’s present himself to make her happy.

-”Respect your wives so that you get rich”
In other terms : Man should respect his wife in any place and time, since the source of all blessings is the woman... 

-”Men should listen to their wives, no matter it is about the things of the house or the ones of the outside world”

-”If your wife is small, low down to her to listen what she says"
(Rava amorita, Bava Mecia, 59,a)

Women in the family
For Jews, the woman is the stone of help (Even Haetzer), the one who grows and teaches children, the one who guarantees warm together with peace (Shalom Bajt) in the house. This is the way she becomes help and companion for her husband. She is not a slave, a servant or maid, but a Companion. A companion who moreover surrounds her husband by her praises every Friday (see Proverbs: The praise of the Brave Wife). If the woman fulfils her Calling, she would have a peaceful, harmonious and well-balanced, stable family life. Would it be that easy?  

Yes, it is easy! Or not?
If we attentively read the Praise of the Brave Woman in the book of Proverbs, and if we replace it in our actual context without changing neither its content nor its essence, we will discover the reasons why so many weddings and families are so bad these days. Why do not they work and why so many people get divorced after a certain time? 
/ Let’s not talk now about when men are praising-accepting their help-companions, their wives?/

Liberalization of the women’s situation yet began at the time of the Reform. Yet since that moment, family became a simple enterprise where spouses are just associates and not companions…
We should not return to old traditions, but we must return to God’s Project, to His Laws even in this case…

Because without Yeshua HaMashiach’s Rule, we would only talk about simple methods…

But let’s return the question now!

Why do men get tired? …or why does a woman get tired?
Because there was a help in the past. In the book of Creation (Genesis) already, there was a help!
And then, where are those kids who don’t want to grow up? Where are those kids that should already have some duties among their families during their childhood?  
This applies not only for physical children, but also for the spiritual ones.  
- For this reason, the head of the family has to deal with a lot of useless things, things that should not be his duty. 
- Another problem is when the roles are inverted. When the woman plays a male’s role in a Call that is not hers causing so much damage that men cannot restore the situation...
- And finally the problem of the Jezebelian women mostly in countries of catholic majority, those who place themselves among men and rule over them...
/of course Jezebelian men are also existing.../

Women among assemblies
When we are talking about Unity, we are talking about the unity of the family, of the community and of the Body of Christ and of God’s People. 
The woman has a very particular place, presence and ministry among all these. 
- What can a woman do, and what mustn’t she  do?
- What are the ministries she can make?

In what do the call and the gifts of the ministry of the woman and the man differ?                                          

Although both are equal anyway, nevertheless in what do they differ?

In some assemblies, Christian women placed themselves in a new "call ":

They are fighting so that women’s situation should reinforce in spirit so that they could replace men to their place...

Something is very wrong here!
Why? Because spiritual fights are carried out by persons who never accepted the fact that God created them to be married, to be women, wives and mothers. 
I think that the restoration of women’s situation should begin with the restoration of this concrete Will of God, which is known by everybody. 
First we should go in front of  God with all those ruined weddings and with those that never happened because of their refuse.  

My question is however even deeper than that!
Is it not the worship of the female divinity which is getting stronger and that is reinforced in spirit?
Because in countries of catholic majority where new goddesses’ spirit are constantly appearing, the cult of Maria the Virgin together with other mother-goddesses revitalizes!

All this happens so that by the new rule of women, men should be even more excluded and supplanted from the ministry they were originally called to by God. 
All this happens so that the ones I use to call Christianettes (Christian version of the Suffragettes – French women of the end of the 19Th century who revolted so that they could vote at the elections) could wrongly defend themselves and justify their loneliness and rebelliousness?

Since a spiritually sane man won’t go under a matriarchal power, while a Jewish man will never go under such a power. In other words, a Jew (and all the ones who have accepted God’s plan and project concerning the family, the woman and the man) will never go in such an assembly…
However, Christianity without Jews is such as dead as an assembly without men. 

It seems to be the typical case when truth is replaced by half-truths... 
Since only a free person is able to fight for someone else! 
The one who lives all the things that God gave him/her as a man or woman in his/her freedom. 

In the other hand, the one who is not free from his/her narcissism, because of which he/she stayed alone, or he/she is not free from the Jezebelian spirit or from his/her catholic roots..., can at the very most only be the tool of charismatic sorcery. 

By adoration, by a will of asserting themselves or by pure ignorance...

The ministry of the Woman
The question can be asked, how the ministry of the husband and the wife can appear among the wedding and the community in front of the others and the outside world? What is the visible ministry of the woman in the ministry next to her husband? 

Woman’s ministry is a very silent one. A "background" work, the assurance of the constant spiritual, psychical and physical presence that helps the ministry of her husband. The woman’s duty is the stability. To make her husband feel that she is next to him, beside him, behind him. Her heart has to beat at the same rhythm as his, but the visible ministries have to be carried out by the husband. The husband is the priest of the family, the one who brings the offerings to the altar. Similarly, in an assembly, it is also the husband who represents his family, the one who transmits the Laws of God to the others.   

I have been thinking about this question moreover since I often saw families where the woman had several individual prophetical and delivery ministries beside her husband. She made these ministries visibly before everybody according to herself a certain authority… I felt that something was wrong among these couples, something going against God’s Order…

How does it work in reality?
The woman can have a ministry apart of her husband.
However she can only practise it if she has a protection, a spiritual cover coming from her husband, or if she is not married, coming from her father or community.  
The unity and the spiritual order must both function…

No ministry can work without spiritual cover, without protection... 
But men’s ministry cannot function without protection either. All ministry of man has to be under the control and the cover of Yeshua HaMashiach. 



Translated from hungarian by Richard (Zeev Shlomo)

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