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The Calling and the Ministry of the Woman

Yaakov, Béla Orbán

What ministry could a woman have among the assembly, the community and the Body of Christ? 

Pharisee Christians of Paulism (false and arbitrary explanations of Paul’s words) forbid women –referring to Paul’s sentences – to accomplish any ministry among assemblies.   
Jewish community does neither accept the ministry of women rabies.  

What is correct? 
Can a woman do ministries, and if yes, which ones? 
Or is she equal to the man? 

The place of the woman among the assembly does really look like the one she has among the family.   

Since man is the priest of the family, so of the community, he is the one who stands in front of the community and who teaches, constructs, keeps and protects others, the one who does a work that is visible by all: He is the one who goes ahead first, who opens and shows the way and who represents the community…  

Women cannot fulfil or play a role of « chief » or « leader », because in such a case, she would take the place of the priest. This order is still valid here and it consists in being a little bit in the background protecting  the « back lines » helping this way the ministries of men in the place that has been set for them. 
Of course this does not mean that « her place is only in the kitchen » that she has to cook and wash, etc…, but it means that she should have a personal spiritual stability so as she knows what is her role and place.   

We all – men and women – must get rid of this false image of the woman that the Paulism and Judaism have etched in our minds.  

The woman has been placed next to the man by God to be COMPANION and HELP.  
This is also valid for the assembly. The question is: How? 

And this question in its turn raises many other further questions: 
- how can a single woman accomplish a ministry? 
- what ministry can accomplish a divorced woman or a widow? 
- and what is the ministry of married women? 

Because all of them have been given a well defined order by God in the Body of the Messiah. 

Family situation of course influences and determines the functioning of the woman. Although the ministry is different following the marital status and is different in the assembly and in the community! 
What is the community? : 
The family (physical, psychic and spiritual community) together with the spiritual family...  

- As a single and member of a family, she actively works within the call of her family.  
- As a wife, she makes up a new family with her husband who she has to help as a companion having an equal value with him.
From that moment she does not have to give account of nothing neither to her father nor to her parents (natural or adoptive) and she is not subordinated to them anymore, but her spiritual cover is her « priest », her husband from now on.  
- In the case of divorced woman and widows (together with the orphans), they cannot stay without any spiritual cover and leading either. So it is the community with which these people are in spiritual communion and unit (and not the earthly assembly!) which must play the role of the family from that moment.
However, the head of the community is Yeshua HaMashiach, so through the community, it is Him Who replaces the father or the husband: According to the promise of God…  
Because God promised to be Himself the Father of widows and orphans…  
He however gave all powers to Yeshua HaMashiach.  

Although, all these states or marital status could only be temporary, since God gives and can give new fathers to the orphans, new companions, new husbands to the widows and divorced women. In a word, God can give a new family with a new priest among it.  

Women’s ministries do not depend on the fathers’ or the husbands’ order or authorisation. 
However, men are responsible in front of God for the spiritual functioning of their wives together with the education and the actions of their children.  

Can a woman have an apostolic, pastoral or a teaching ministry?  

Let’s start with the apostolic one and let’s set aside the exceptional cases. (For example, when men are missing or are not in their place…) 
The apostolic ministry is not a mission or a missionary evangelisation. Nowadays, many are those who mix these two notions.   
The apostle: destructs, rebuilds, restores and replants. 
I could say that this is really a job made for men! 
To destruct what is bad and to fight.  
To construct new things while fighting the old ones that return to the attack trying to take their place back. To lay down the foundations of God’s Laws, of Christ while defending the walls under construction. Because traditions, customs, Jewish and Christian Mishnas, Gemaras and other kind of Talmuds take their roots very deep in the soil…  
In other words, we must purify a rocky field covered by weeds to build the Temple on it and turn it to a fertile soil covered with trees and fruits…  
We must build Houses (families, communities), a men’s work in a word.  

The teaching...  

It would be interesting to learn again the real and original meaning of this word.  

The woman/mother makes her child discover the world. She is the one who teaches the name of things. That way, the Hungarian language such as many others, express that phenomenon very precisely, when speaking about the so called mother tongue. 
Woman RAISES then. 

However, Jewish children learn from the age of 3, when the words they learned from their mothers receive content, a definition and even a responsibility.   

The teaching of the Law starts already at that time. One of the first words that children learn  is the word Amen! 
After that, the first sentence that children learn and which goes with them all along their life until death is: Sh'ma Yisrael Adonaj Echad... (Hear Israel, God is one)
The name of the Law is Torah or Teaching.   
Law is being taught to children by the family’s priest, then, later, in the studying rooms, the heder, by the teacher who knows the Torah very well.   

Man TEACHES then. 

Raising and teaching are duties, ministries that complement each other, and that are constructed on each other as well as concerning the physical children then the spiritual ones.   

According to the order established by God, man-woman roles are not interchangeable and cannot be modified or missing either, since it is  both parents’ responsibility to carry their children to adulthood.   
It is the same for spiritual adulthood.   

I think that the most beautiful ministry of the woman today is: to raise spiritual child-men so that God should teach them, so that they could transmit at last what they have received to future generations at their turn.   
This means that families have to be restored and regain their right place.   
This restoration of the family should begin with the woman among the already existing families…  

"Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak…" (1Cor.14,34) 

"A chicken singing like a cock, a Christian talking like a Jew. A woman who learns sciences. These are not correct things. 
E Hihn wos krejhet, a goj was jiddisch redt, ne Jidene wos lernt Tajre, ist nit kein güte Szhajre.
(Jewish saying in Yiddish language) 

The message of the two sentences would be the same? 
Finally, a woman should really not speak in an assembly today?

Well, if I refer to the Hellenic Paulist mentality, I should agree with the fact that women must stay silent and be thankful to be among men in the assembly… 

On the other hand, as a Jew, if I refer to the Jewish mentality, I have to realize that the patriarchal order is not identical to the prismatic (pyramidal) construction of the family!  

In Hebrew, the word ”keep silent” implies an active attention that put the heard things immediately in practise in the daily life. Thus, this does not mean an absolute silence but a particular attention to heard things! And things that she has not understood should be clarified at home with her husband, with the family’s priest! (see: 1Cor.14,35) 

....it is defended to them to speak.... 
This does not mean that they cannot raise or share their testimonies, but well that they have to keep the order that is written in the Law: Man teaches, he is responsible for his community, etc..., woman completes and helps him and does not lead him.

Paul wanted to warn people since this order was violated and turned over in the assembly in Corinth. He wanted to avoid that women begin to rule as Jezebels over men and over the assembly, since men were not at their right place. In such a case, he really had to use hard words to avoid that Hellenic spirituality enter that assembly in that city which was a bastion of Hellenism... 

What is interesting on the other hand is that this interdiction came just among a wave of prophecies. It draws especially the attention on the danger of women’s prophecies and asks them to be aware of that. Since women are more sensible human beings, their own desires and thoughts can easily infiltrate the prophecies... Paul warned them that nobody should declare being a prophet on the pretext of having impressions or premonitions… This is exactly the reason why he calls to silence, to avoid confusion among the assembly. He asks that every prophecy that is not yet clarified and reinforced from above should stay in silence until confirmation. As long as this confirmation does not come from God, women should stay silent…

Translated from hungarian by Richard (Zeev Shlomo)

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