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...and there are survivors, who still live among us.

Wounds, and terrible memories remained.

There was forgiveness, but scars have remained.

Fear, pain, and the question "Why did all these things happen?" have still remained.

Pain and disappointment in God, disappointment in Christians who took part in all these things or just stayed passively.

They live among us, like forsaken people, after many sufferings. They have a tiff with the world, the humankind and God.

This fear and all of its consequences are the heritage of the further generations.

That's why we take the Good News, the Only One to them. We need to graft them back to their roots, so that they may have a relationship again with the Eternal God. Because these branches (Rome11) were broken off by so-called Christians, who were far from Christ. As pain and sickness can be inherited, so there is punishment and generational curse, that can be inherited as well . Thus, it is our duty as well to tell the descents that they should go before God with these sins.