The basic aims of the Foundation

The main aim of the Foundation is to support specially the Hungarian Jews living in Hungary and in the neighboring countries, and Jews from other countries (living permanently in Hungary or being in transit), who are in need.
Our further aim, among others, is to aid Holocaust survivors, help in vindicating the rights to restitution.
It is also our task, in our work areas, to help people in need from other nations, who have difficulties, not of their own making. Old people and children have high-priority in receiving help.

The work of the Foundation in Hungary

We started our mission in Budapest three and a half years ago, and, with the aid of our helpers, we have gradually been able to reach out to Jews living outside Budapest as well. First of all, we have been able to help the Budapest Hospice, old people’s clubs and old people’s homes, with our donations. Later, instead of institutions, we started to visit individuals, with the same purpose.

The work of the Foundation outside of the borders

In the meantime, as far as we were able, we have started to help Jews living outside Hungary as well, especially those whose mother tongue is Hungarian. This part of our ministry has been so successful, that it has become the most important part of our work, and in the near future we are planning to further intensify our activities in Sub-Carpathia, and in Serbia.
In Romania we have some storehouses and a team of volunteers for distributing the donations.
We have not been able yet to stock our storehouse in Serbia, from one of our Hungarian storehouses, because of the lack of vehicles and a facilitating organization. Our storehouse in Sub-Carpathia is ready for receiving vehicles.
Of course, we have sent some smaller packages to the Ukraine and Voivodina–Banate many times.

During the past year we have driven five trucks full of donations to Romania, and with these we have been able to help the Jewish communities in Arad, Oradea, Timisoara, Lugos and Satu Mare. What is more, the Jewish people there, according to the commandments of the Torah, “contributed to the town’s well-being”, because they gave a considerable part of those donations to the local hospitals.
Beyond that, we aided orphanages, old people’s homes and Hungarian and Romanian Gypsies near to Oradea living in great distress.
Most of our donations come for Germany. They contain mostly medical, rehabilitative and home-nursing equipment, but we often receive clothes, bedlinen, kitchen-equipment, toys, and desks and chairs for schools.
A small part of our donations come from Hungary, but we are grateful for them, too, especially because these (medicines, clothes etc.) were collected by Jewish young people.

I hope that all this will build a bridge between the Jewish people living here and elsewhere, and if they get to know each other, they will see the problems with their own eyes and they will recognize the need for doing mitzvot (good deeds).

Our plans for the future

- Our needs show what contributions are most helpful, from donors.
Almost every orphanage and other similar institutes cope with lack of food. That is why we look for donors who can offer regularly-if it is possible-, food products, preserved and supplementary foods, vitamins, etc. complying with Romanian law. 

- In the future we would like to establish workplaces in orphanages in Romania under the supervision of local communities. We would like to create radical change, instead of temporary solutions.
This system, which we would supervise, would financially support orphanages and other social-charity communities in covering their expenses.
For this project we look for supporters who can offer machines and means of production for free, or sell them at a low price with credit-payment. In the latter case the best solution for us, is to pay through products.
We also plan to do part-work on contract.

As the donations arrive occasionally and the amount is not too much, our goal is to start enterprises in Hungary also, to cover our cost of living, to make the conditions of the charity work better and to provide security for the future.
So we would welcome anyone who can offer a job in Israel or in Hungary, and others who want to expand their activities in these countries, or want to establish new workplaces in Romania, Ukraine and Serbia (our Foundation’s working area).
- For our local work we need a storeroom in Budapest, as recently there have been many offers from private-donors, and we are not in a position to receive and distribute the donations.

- Transportation has to be organized, because we do not have a car (and not enough money to cover fuel costs).

- We still have not found a solution for transporting medicines to neighboring countries.

Nevertheless, we would like to close this report with joy and blessings to God, because we could not perform any of these tasks without Him.
Even now we experience the fruit of this work, when many poor people expect our help, and give their love to us: old people, orphans and people in need.
We “just” accomplish the orders of the Law, the Torah.

In this way we would like to wish you the same joy which is our reward, and the peace which fills our heart.


 Béla Orbán


CHAIM Charity Foundation
1364 Budapest, Pf.412

Web: http://chaim.uw.hu

E-mail: shalom.budapest@yahoo.com

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OTP Bank, Budapest

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