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Yaakov, Béla Orbán

All sorts of Messianic movements are functioning all over the world these days. We can find their synagogues, their assemblies and their allies everywhere arround the world.  

Among them, some are bearing – many times excessively – the outer signs of Jewish orthodoxy. But we can also find both reformist, liberal and even homosexual currents with their own assemblies.

There are even more ″messianic″ assemblies where very few members have Israelite origin or these ones are completely absent.

These assemblies are made of false-Jews, deviant and marginal Christians declaring themselves as being ″Jews from hearth″ or ″Jews in spirit or soul″.

In other words, alien powers are hiding behind those assemblies. Lies and human interests generating and managing these movements are not doing else than tearing apart the Jewish part of the Christ's Body from its pagan part. Moreover, this evil work is carried out under the name of ″Jewish″.

Jewish community for its part protects itself against all these movements that most of the time are just globalizing and soaked by the spirit of New Age. Jewish community of Hungary judges and rejects without distinction all that is coming under the appellation of messianic.

Meanwhile, these false movements are also dividing Christianity which also distances itself from them and even often goes as far as breaking all connections with messianic Jews but sometimes even with traditional Jews.


When we are analyzing this problem, we must immediately define the sense of the word Messianic (which means that is from the Messiah) in order to clarify its essence.

This is a duty since the functioning of these false movements is harmful for the Jewish community as much as for Christianity in general.

Today, we have to know that Satan is using a new weapon: the name ″Jewish″.  

He is doing so since he knows well that Jews only listen to Jews and this is the way he is able to mislead and cheat them. The same way, in the actual state of weakness of Christianity, it is very easy to make the name of Jew trendy again and create all sorts of movements of Jewish revival embellished by the word Messianic as a tool of propaganda.


With this unique word, it is possible to kill two birds with one stone. Both the Jewish and the Christian community are hit because of the keen expectation of a new start together with the ruling spirit of humanism and tolerance acting among each of them.


The Body of the Messiah should really assert and make itself visible and reachable for all people in order to avoid this crafty attack of the enemy.

I wish this short writing was the start of this defensive operation.  


The word Messianic has been changed, altered and falsified so many times that its meaning changes according to almost every country and all regions of the world.

But its real signification and its genuine goal should become visible for all people again.  


From the Messiah – Messianic – From Christ


Most of the time these words are born by movements or communities whose members have been hurt and deceived by Christianity but who still have not yet rejected the name of Jesus.

Although they had better live this unity through the words People of God and Body of the Messiah and be perfectly aware of the essence of these expressions.     

It would be better to unite in order to be a model for the outside world through the testimony of our own lives reflecting the Spirit of the Messiah (Christ, Jesus of Nazareth). We should reflect His power, His strength together with the Will and the Testimonies of God. Moreover we should also announce the third part of the Word which is the prophetical revelations, the apocalyptic times together with the return of the King Messiah. 


This is the way that Gentiles – messianic (from Christ) coming from the other People – should walk together within the Word, the Project and the Will of God.


In places where the Word is not complete, we just can talk about some people of Jesus, churches or religious minds belonging to their own assemblies. But in this case, the use of the terms from Christ, Messianic or from the Messiah would only be formal and it remains at most a simple hope.  


Messianic Jews


The base of Jewish faith has always been the waiting of the fulfillment of the prophecies and the preparation for the apocalyptic times.

All this would be meaningless without awaiting of the Messiah's coming.

So the Israelites (descendants by blood of the Chosen People) worshiping the God of Israel and being in contact with Him are all Messianic Jews.  


Although there are two categories of Messianic Jews:

- The Jews who – by the Will of God – have not yet been able to recognize Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Yeshua HaMashiach as the Messiah.

- The Messianic Jews that have already recognized and accepted Yeshua HaMashiach and remained the members of the Chosen People living their Jewish identity in every day’s life. This identity has been given as an ″extra″ to the predestinated calling of Israel.   


When we are talking about the Body of the Messiah (Christ) it is clear that Jews and Gentiles are equal. Jews living under the power of Yeshua HaMashiach are still forming a special category. This distinction is really needed because if we denied our original calling as Jews and if we would took on a false identity such as the Christian for example, we would go against the Will of God. The same way, if we separated ourselves from the Gentiles without accepting our spiritual unity with them putting ourselves above them, we would also be rebellious to God.   


- The faithful Jews are rejected by Christians for the moment. Jews are considered by them as being pagans who killed God. In fact, these Jews are the golden reserve of the Body of Christ. Because God Himself will one day take off the veil from the eyes of each member of His People according to His promise so that they will discover the identity of the Messiah.

This right does only belong to God. No mission, no church or any other kind of conversion to Christianity are allowed to interfere in, or steal this jurisdiction of God.

This recognition is only possible if the members of the Body of Christ coming from other nations are giving the truthful testimony of Yeshua HaMashiach through their lives and acts and certainly not by trying to push Jews to convert to any colonizing churches or assemblies.


Knowing these facts, we should say that:

There cannot be any Messianic nor any people from the Messiah or any assembly belonging to Christ where the Word of God is incomplete.

Denying Israel’s election, mission and promises, which are still valid today, has very serious consequences.  Where the smallest sign of anti-Semitism or replacement theology is present, we can find that people are just waiting for the fulfillment of human interests and promises instead of really waiting for the Messiah.


All communities rejecting the Old Testament and the Laws of God, all those that have the book of Acts as a unique model of community, or those that have developed a pharisaic order based on the ″words of Paul″ will never be able to pretend to belong to the Messiah (Christ) as long as they remain in this state.   


No group of Messianic or Jew can abide to stay in such a community. A Messianic Jew (from Christ) will never be able to stay among such people except from cases when he has a ministry to do there. But this also would just be for that period of time. It is possible that a Jew remains in such a place for a while also in the case when he has no other place to go because there is no messianic congregation in the neighborhood. In that case he can only accept what is really coming from Christ and nothing else.  


Someone like this will only be able to live his Jewish identity serving towards these people or from the moment when the other members would expel him from their rows. This is how he will live on the fringe of Christian society and will make the experience of the same kind of exclusion that born again Gentiles are living each day among religious circles.


Then we have the opportunity to live in community with the non-Jews in all things that are clean and bare of any carnal and soulish wishes of men, churches, denominations or assemblies. The unique generator of our community life with them can only be the functioning of God's Word and the Power of the Messiah.

In parallel, we have the opportunity and the obligation to achieve and live all that God ordained to every Jew.  

All those things that are also exempt from all the human powers and interests of Judaism but that are the Revealed Will of God.

This is no other than the identity that has been ordained by the Lord.


When all these different categories of believers and Jews will be understood, accepted and lived by all the members of the People of God depending on which they individually belong to (Gentiles – Messianic Jews – Faithful Jews), the prophecy of Grafting In and Back will start again in a bigger scale.

This is the great Promise without which Jewry would dry out and remain some simple ″Israelites″ in the physical sense. The same way, Grafting In is the only way to give Christ back where the lethal blow of religiousness is eating into Christianity since thousands of years.


We – Messianic Jews living on the edge of the Jewish community and banished from Christianity – have received this mission.  

We form a bridge through which Jews and people from Christ can be connected to each other. We achieve this work in very hard conditions since they attack us from both sides. We have to face all extremism. 

We are a Bridge on which it is possible to run but through which absolutely no more invasion or any attempt of conquest are allowed in none of the ways.

Both parts are allowed to connect by us exclusively through the Door called Messiah (Christ) and under the orders and the judgment of His Spirit.

This is the reason why we are so often targeted. It is also the reason why many are lying and pretending to be the bridge themselves, the ″new Jews″, the ″Jews in spirit″, the ″messianic″.  

It is also the reason why God expects even more discipline, purity and holiness from us and why the Rule of the King is particularly effective and full in our lives.  


Our calling is free from all power and interests of men, churches, assemblies and denominations since we only have the right to obey the unique Word and Will of God.

We have to play the role of a bridge or customs officers in charge of chasing the invaders away and blocking the way of any contagious spiritual infections … all of us according to the place that he or she received by God.

We are doing this work in perfect obedience towards God at the border of a divided country where the reunification of the two separated sides is achieved according to the King’s will and under His eyes.


The ″bridge″ cannot be controlled nor belong to any of the two sides. 

This is why our mission will never be spectacular and we cannot expect to be numerous in this team.

There also can’t be any superstructure or any other kind of institution. But the importance and the consequences of our ministry will have a very serious impact on many people one day.  

Meanwhile many are those who will pass through us and on us in order that the sacerdotal prayer of the High Priest would be realized in the Body of the Messiah (John 17). This will happen while these people will never rejoin us.  

There always will be some of them who will help and care for the supplies of the ″bridge″ according to its needs in sign of gratitude towards God. People that have experienced the blessings coming from our ministry and work will send further people towards us so that they also should live the unity in the Body of Christ at their turn…

…instead of any false unity and human unions.  


Because the complete construction of both parts of the Body of the Messiah has already begun.  


Budapest, 31 October 2008



Translated from hungarian by Richard (Zeev Shlomo)
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